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    Preparing for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    Exploring the impact

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): changes for everyone!

This white paper series explores the potential impact the Industrial Internet of Things has on senior managers, control engineers, maintenance engineers and system integrator. While our fundamental competencies are more critical than ever, opportunities to drive innovation at every level abound. Access the white paper that addresses the challenges and opportunities that might await in your corner of the industrial enterprise.
Businessman and engineer using computer in factory

Integrating Safety and Process Environment

Frost & Sullivan white paper

Connectivity and IIoT are redrawing the production/process optimization and protection strategies, pushing the boundaries of traditional automation systems. This report discusses the concept of common safety and how using a single controller to manage both process and safety systems can support greater productivity and transparency.
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Workers in protective workwear talking with clipboard in factory

Driving the emerging trend of the IIoT

How to apply common safety to increase reliability, efficiency and profitability

Explore newly emerging technologies, common safety and the benefits of using a single programmable controller to manage process control and safety functions, with the new M580 Safety Controller used as an example.
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Profiting from the IIoT

How the Industrial Internet of Things can help industrial management uncover value hiding in plant assets

The profit potential of industrial assets has long been limited by inadequate connectivity between equipment generating production data and the applications which might learn from it. The communication necessary to have true impact on the profitability is – to say the least – rough around the edges.

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Operators talking in control room

Controlling the IIoT

How the Industrial Internet of Things is changing the role of the control engineer.

As the industrial assets become more digitized and internet-enabled, technology tools are evolving to provide process and manufacturing engineers with the processing power, connectivity and security support they need to take full advantage of the opportunities that await. IIoT is a controls issue: greater productivity, operational visibility and agility await.

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Industrial worker with notebook

Maintaining the IIoT

How the Industrial Internet of Things is enabling asset performance management

The digital enterprise presents maintenance managers with a more complicated set of assets to manage, yet also delivers tools to help maximize return on all assets. Greater processing power, Ethernet connectivity, and advanced analytics will enable new levels of preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance.

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Technicians at their station, sustainability reporting.

Integrating the IIoT

How the Industrial Internet of Things will help system integrators deliver on the promise of the connected enterprise.

For more than three decades, industrial organizations have relied on systems integrators for the connectivity needed to keep their plants running efficiently. Now, as the plant network extends to the edges of the enterprise and beyond, a new generation of system integration capabilities, tools and service models is emerging.
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