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  • Agriculture Goes Digital

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Water solutions company uses SCADAFarm to monitor remote assets in harsh conditions.

How end-to-end operational efficiency is a key performance differentiator

Key Takeaways:

• Centuries-old practices like farming can benefit from digitization
• Flexible, agile technologies can help predict risks before they come to fruition
• WaterForce customers saw up to 50% cost savings from digitization
Using state-of-the-art IoT technology to change the farming paradigm is a bold idea. With the growing need for responsible and energy-efficient irrigation, WaterForce developed SCADAfarm – a DIGITAL, integrated automation and information management platform built on EcoStruxure™ Plant and Microsoft Azure technologies.

As you’ve likely read on these pages, the era of digital transformation is upon us, reimagining all aspects of our lives. More importantly, digitization of industry stands to make your business more connected, predictable, and agile.

These words are great on their own, but what they mean to your business is invaluable – competitiveness.

Take, for example, WaterForce, a New Zealand-based company focused on sustainable water solutions, which partnered with Schneider Electric and Microsoft to develop SCADAFarm a digital, connected water management solution built on Schneider’s EcoStruxure platform and Microsoft Azure technology.

The goal was to help the country’s farmers manage remote assets, adhere to changing regulatory requirements, and gain the aforementioned visibility into performance.

For WaterForce customers, many of whom have difficult operating environments and locales, this visibility was made possible while integrating fully with their farms’ existing equipment. SCADAFarm leverages edge control, alongside proprietary apps and analytics, which come together in a scalable, innovative solution for a wide range of customers. 

Unsurprisingly, it worked – and it worked well. This increased understanding resulted in:
• Up to 50% lower energy costs for some WaterForce customers
• Resource efficiency from remote asset monitoring
• Consolidated views of assets, regardless of how remote or inaccessible they may be in their environments
• Unparalleled views into every aspect of their business performance. Anywhere, on any device
Today, businesses need to be more flexible and agile in their business practices, to predict risks before they can come to fruition. This increase in visibility allows owners better insights into how to optimize machines, assets and processes. It also leads to superior, end-to-end operational efficiency across all facets of your business. 

In a crowded, increasingly digitized marketplace, having better views into operational efficiency can provide the competitive edge necessary to differentiate your company.

See how WaterForce digitized centuries-old farming practices for huge profitability boosts.
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