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  • Announcing end-to-end power availability for water plants

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Mission-critical systems in the water/wastewater cycle Water and wastewater authorities can take advantage of Schneider Electric full service options and global centers to ensure continuity and high performance of their entire water life cycle.

Interdependency between water and energy calls for better control and automation

Water and energy are inextricably linked and equally important to preserve for future generations. As population growth continues to skyrocket and water scarcity increases, the world is faced with a two-sided dilemma: producing more energy with less water and distributing clean water to more people using less energy.

A high level of control and automation is inherently important in water and wastewater operations, which is why guaranteed end-to-end power availability is critical throughout all stages of water treatment and distribution. When combined with UPS protection and intelligent power monitoring systems, secure power and cooling solutions can help water plants to:

  • Save up to 30% in energy costs
  • Maintain the flow of clean, safe drinking water for communities
  • Protect power-critical applications such as ultraviolet disinfection, valve pulsing in the membrane system, and operation of controllers on remote panels

Whether designing a customized or turnkey system, Schneider Electric offers solutions that optimize power and cooling for water plants

Learn why Schneider Electric is a trusted advisor for power availability and energy efficient solutions, from design stage to the implementation.
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