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Data centers at the edge and in the cloud create a hybrid approach to data management

Scalable data center solutions to meet the exacting needs of a high-tech business

Key Takeaways:

• High performance data centers no longer take years to build
• Prefabricated data centers deploy quickly with predictable performance
• Cost of time matters when you have tight deadlines

Getting a new data center up and running in under 18 weeks is a bold idea. Animation and video effects company Animal Logic did just that with Schneider EcoStruxure™ IT Prefabricated Data Center.

Today’s moviegoers expect lots of visual effects (VFX) when they go to the cinema. Not surprisingly, more than three-quarters of the 20 highest grossing films of all time worldwide are heavy on VFX. In fact, up to 50% of movie budgets are spent on visual effects today.

Creating stunning wow-factor animation and video effects requires the right creative talent working with the right software and other tools. Massive amounts of data are generated in the process, and high computing power is needed to render and iterate effects till they are exactly what producers and audiences want. This means animation and video effects companies need impressive IT firepower, and that can only be found in data centers.
Wanted: New Data Center

Animation and video effects company Animal Logic has won awards for its work on films, including The Lego Movie, and has worked on other high-profile films including The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Great Gatsby. It also worked on Happy Feet, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film in 2007.

But the company realized that its IT gear (then housed in a co-location facility) could not support its growing needs for much longer. It needed a new data center of extremely high capacity and density, one that could:

• Meet its current and future computing demands 
• Be easily scaled up in the future
• Provide higher reliability than the prior setup

New data centers can take up to two years from concept to commissioning. Animal Logic had to ramp up for a new movie it was working on, and could ill-afford such a long period of time. In fact, it had less than six months to spare! 
Up and Running in Double-Quick Time

To get its new data center up and running in that time, the company turned to Schneider Electric. Schneider installed a prefabricated modular data center in just 18 weeks, complete with data center infrastructure management software that provides complete visibility across the facility.

Schneider Electric is also providing ongoing service and support for maintaining the data center, including EcoStruxure IT, its cloud-based monitoring service that provides 24×7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting – even from a smart phone.

The new data center has given Animal Logic a massive boost in animation productivity. Reliability has also gone up, enabling the company to remove creative bottlenecks and reduce latency. Safe in the knowledge that its present and future computing needs are and will be met, the VFX house is operating in peak condition and continuing to enthrall audiences with its creations.

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