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  • How business intelligence is impacting the security industry

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Customers requirements often include additional complexities beyond traditional design and build projects. ASK THE EXPERT AARON KUZMESKUS is Global Director, Security Solutions, Technology and Offer Architect at Schneider Electric. Aaron has over 15 years of telecommunications and security industry experience and has led major security infrastructure projects for many governmental agencies. He holds a bachelor s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Q. What is business intelligence?
A. Business intelligence is a data management discipline in which organizations transform large amounts of collected information into business value, enabling actionable information to turn into knowledge. Suppliers and their customers can apply this knowledge to honing core processes, creating new avenues for competitive advantage, and driving more profit to the bottom line. Physical security information management (PSIM) and business analytics are two applications of business intelligence in the security realm that contribute to providing more highly-effective security and driving business value.

Q. Can you provide some examples of business intelligence driving value beyond traditional security?
One corporation uses each morning’s access control data to determine how many meals to prepare in the company cafeteria, reducing a significant amount of waste and food costs. In another example, a school uses access cards as a monetary instrument in the cafeteria. The meals children select are recorded and parents are able to track dietary habits, safeguard those children with food allergies, and better understand meal costs.

Q. What special demands does business intelligence place on implementing security solutions?
Business intelligence demands that the suppliers of security systems and solutions be highly flexible to meet the specific and diverse needs of customers. This means meeting them on their terms and making them feel comfortable that we offer what they need rather than requiring that they adapt to pre-determined solutions. Customers’ requirements often include additional complexities beyond traditional “design and build” projects.

Q. How does Schneider Electric™ collaborate to create a customized business intelligence solution?
We identify our customers’ pain points and collaborate with them to build solutions that exceed their expectations. After assessing a customer’s current state and determining the reason why the pain has occurred, we map out a future state that employs our business intelligence-driven infrastructure. In many cases, business intelligence can move a customer from the point of solving a basic problem to revamping a core process that in turn nets a competitive advantage. That leads to long-term business sustainability.

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