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  • Improve your hospital’s financial, safety, and operational performance

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Healthcare facilities can worry less about their energy infrastructure with Schneider Electric Power Solutions and focus more on providing quality care. In the U.S. alone, a typical 50 bed hospital spends $680,000 per year — roughly $13,611 per bed — on electricity and natural gas.

Tested, validated, and documented architectures that ensure maximum power availability, reliability, and efficiency

Schneider Electric now offers a complete range of solutions that can optimize every aspect of your electrical power systems and, in turn, help you improve financial performance, operational productivity, and patient safety, through:

  • Energy Operation: Monitor every watt that flows through your building, helping you make informed decisions about using energy smarter.
  • Secured Power Distribution: Ensure that your renovations can take place without interrupting power to other areas and with minimum disruption to staff and patients.
  • Power Monitoring and Control: Maximize power availability and make informed decisions during a power crisis.
  • Operating Theater Solution: Enable monitoring and control of the electrical and environmental parameters, with real-time information being fed through an easy-to-use touch-screen display.
  • Power Outage Insight: A combination of smart meters, circuit breakers, and communication interfaces working together to keep your lights on and critical equipment running without incident.
  • EPSS Testing: Reliably and efficiently automate the entire testing and documentation process.

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