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  • In a data centre deployment time crunch? Go pre-fabricated!

Server Room data center

One way to build a reliable data centre under budget and within a short timeframe is to deploy a prefabricated data centre solution. Why consider such a radical approach? Pre-packaged, pre-tested power, cooling, and computer blocks are faster to deploy, offer more predictable performance, and are more flexible in the long run (i.e. should the data centre have to change locations in the future).

Let’s take a look at how Steve, an IT Director of a growing national retail business, deals with the problem of delivering on his 3-year data centre expansion plan. He has 4 months to get the first phase of his data centre up and running.

He decides to reach out to a few IT colleagues from other companies to find out what he can learn. He discovers that their data centre build-out projects are running into cost overruns and missed deadlines. His level of anxiety rises. He wonders how he can possibly meet his CIO’s timeframes.

He continues to hunt for information and reaches out to Emilio, someone he recently connected with at an industry conference, who had started mentioning something about a modular approach. According to Emilio, Schneider Electric helped him to reduce his deployment timeframes by delivering a pre-fabricated data centre. ‘Schneider delivered both power and cooling modules in 6 weeks that were pre-configured right out of the box’, Emilio said. ‘It’s a no-brainer’.

Steve decides to meet with Schneider Electric, and their expert explains that their prefabricated solutions are pre-engineered, pre-wired, pre-tested, and include integrated hardware and software. Steve is particularly excited about the StruxureWare for Data Centers management software suite, and the extensive library of Prefabricated Data Center reference designs, which make planning easier, all of which are part of the package. Steve’s company decides to sign on with Schneider Electric, receiving comprehensive services throughout their data centre lifecycle approach — from assessment and planning to design and build and to post-installation maintenance and remote operational support.
Schneider Electric has proven experience in prefabricating data centres, and provides a broad offering of customisable building blocks and global capabilities to meet the unique challenges of any business that is processing data.

Find out how Schneider Electric prefabricated solutions can help you meet your data centre challenges in the Schneider Electric white paper, ‘Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers’.
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