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  • Innovation at Every Level

Oil refinery control room screen

Our planet is facing an energy dilemma: consumption will grow by 50% at the same time we must cut our CO2 emissions in half.

The only possible solution is to become 3X more efficient. Energy is the base of life. Life is On when Energy is On. At Schneider Electric, we ensure energy is on by making it safe, reliable, efficient, connected and sustainable.

Schneider Electric is uniquely positioned to help meet this efficiency challenge. Our expertise in converged IT-OT and Smart Grid technologies make energy demand more efficient and connected.

We co-create the future for a new world of energy that is “3D + E”:

  • More decarbonized: Demand-side active energy efficiency has 3X more potential to reduce CO2 emissions than supply side.
  • More decentralized: Solar and storage systems will account for ~50% of new capacity additions by 2030, and 57% of consumers are considering becoming power self-sufficient, which will lead to the need for more microgrids.
  • More digitized: Another 50 billion devices and “things” will be connected to the Internet within 5 years.
  • More electric: Demand for electricity will grow by 80% over the next 25 years.
Our innovations harness the power and promise of the IoT revolution at every level:
  • Connected products: We innovate at the core to integrate smart, connected technology capable of digitally transmitting data.
  • Edge control: We then overlay a level of hardware and software to make critical real-time automation and control decisions at an operational level. 
  • Apps, analytics and services: Our enterprise-level software, applications and analytics translate all that data into operational intelligence.
In addition, a cyber-secure infrastructure makes information available to the right people, wherever they need it, whenever they need it, 24x7 (with on-premise solutions for non-cloud scenarios).

Read more about how we are redefining energy management and automation in “Innovation at Every Level,” complete with a wealth of links to exclusive thought leadership content.

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