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  • IoT and the Sustainable Enterprise

Facilities manager using energy monitoring software on a multiple screen view, industrial energy management.
IoT connectivity drives operational intelligence to make fact-based decisions and financially quantify sustainability efforts for a better bottom line.

The Internet of Things (IoT), a technology revolution spurred by the convergence of low-cost sensors, internet connectivity, cloud computing and Big Data, is transforming how we live and work—and at an unprecedented scale:

  • Nearly 3 billion people have internet access today
  • Almost 2 billion more users will be online in the next five years
  • 50 billion devices (“things”) will become internet-enabled in the same time period

The promise of so much data being translated into actionable information stands to transform how businesses are run, setting the framework for a new era in enterprise sustainability.

The bottom-line savings potential is vast and pervasive. Logistics companies are optimizing delivery routes based on IoT data, slashing fuel consumption; manufacturers are running processes more efficiently, using less energy and reducing waste; and commercial property owners and facilities operators are maximizing occupant comfort while minimizing cost and environmental impact.

Just as supply chain software enabled global businesses to dramatically improve their manufacturing, inventory management, and logistics performance, the Internet of Things is poised to make sustainability a critical success factor in the enterprise, boosting both the top and bottom line.

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