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  • Life Is On: In Our Cities

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At Schneider Electric, our mission is to serve our customers by developing innovative products and solutions that simplify the lives of those who use them. We bring together our expertise and solutions to drive new possibilities for efficiency and savings. As the global specialist in energy management and automation, we are committed to worldwide improvement in connectivity, sustainability, efficiency, and reliability and safety in five primary areas: in our homes, cities, industries, buildings and in the cloud.


Within a smart city, an intelligent network of physical infrastructure devices gathers real-time information throughout city transportation, building, and energy delivery systems. The data gathered enables both city officials and citizens to save time and cut costs. Schneider Electric solutions result in up to 30% in energy savings, 20% reduction in water losses, 30% reduction in street crime, and a 20% reduction in travel time. Our technologies connect the city to those citizens who live in it.


Traffic congestion, increased CO2, and noise pollution are all issues that will get worse unless new approaches and technologies are applied. We support sustainable cities by providing electric vehicle recharging, whether in the garages of private homes, in public lots and even in seaports. Marine vessels that come to shore must adhere to codes for reduced fuel consumption and low emissions, noise, and vibrations. Our solutions address ship to shore power distribution so that ports are cleaner and safer.


A collaborative approach is required to delivering urban efficiency. With government as the leader, citizens at the centre, technology as an enabler, and companies like ours as trusted partners, we build the efficiency ecosystem. We improve electric power service continuity while managing increased demand. Our solutions provide the tools that reduce network losses and deliver better-quality power. We help water agencies to reduce water losses through leak detection systems, energy and process optimization, storm and waste water management, and urban flooding prevention. 

Reliability / Safety 

A smart city is capable of exerting control over problems like blackouts and brownouts, energy security concerns, power quality issues, tighter emissions standards, and transmission bottlenecks. Schneider Electric predictive analysis tools allow for more proactive response to weather-related crises. Utility crews know where they should dispatch resources before the storm hits. In hospitals, our healthcare and security solutions mean that patients and healthcare workers can enjoy peace of mind, working and resting in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment.

This summary has been drawn from the more detailed Schneider Electric: In Our Cities. Read the full article now.
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