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  • Reliable Through the Storm

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Digital grid technology keeps grids running through even the worst storms.

Helping guarantee service and energy for 24/7 connectivity.

Key Takeaways:

• Global climate change presents mounting power efficiency challenges
• Digitizing grid operations is making power more reliable
• EcoStruxure Grid delivers automated solutions that help utilities ensure guaranteed service levels at controlled costs
Keeping electricity flowing for 1.5 million households through the most extreme storms is a bold ambition. SA Power Networks depends on EcoStruxure™ Grid for reliable monitoring and management of their vast network, helping to keep the people of South Australia safe through extreme weather conditions.

One glance at world headlines tells us all we need to know – shifts in the global climate have led to unprecedented occurrences of extreme weather. SA Power Networks in South Australia knows this all too well. The company is tasked with maintaining reliable energy supply and monitoring for more than 1.5 million households in a part of the country where extreme storms are common.

Its customers frequently experience loss of power due to vulnerable networks, which need to be reactively repaired for power to be restored. This has had tremendous impact on all areas in the region, including:
• Loss of power to critical facilities, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers, factories, airports, etc
• Delayed restoration in rural areas due to limited automated coverage over long distances
• Fire threats from faults in remote overhead power lines
• Public safety risks from sensitive overhead conductors

Keeping Life On

A more recent example is Hurricane Irma, which hit the state of Florida, USA, with fury and left a path of destruction throughout a region well-versed in storm preparation. As the Category 4 hurricane dissipated, it left nearly 7.2 million homes without power across the southeastern United States – significantly higher than the region’s previous record-setting storm, 1992’s Hurricane Andrew.

At Schneider Electric, we work to ensure Life is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. It’s not just a tagline – it’s a statement of purpose. This is why we are working with electric distribution utilities to digitize grid infrastructures and make energy more reliable and efficient.

The industry needs solutions that help guarantee life stays on in extreme weather and during other conditions that could lead to power outages. Whether the damage comes from nature, technology malfunctions, or simple human error, there are innovative digital solutions and software that lessen the impact on the grid, while also maximizing the effectiveness of sustainable, renewable resources.

By implementing Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Grid, utilities help drive new revenue growth and help ensure guaranteed service levels at controlled costs with IoT-based maintenance. 
EcoStruxure Grid helps connect all energy devices and equipment to the internet in homes, buildings, substations and plants to create fast and efficient smart grids in which two-way communication connects millions of data points. This lets distribution utilities run self-healing smart grids in real-time for 24/7 energy uptime. The result: increased reliability necessary to achieve our goal of an always-on world.

Learn how SA Power weathers the storm with reliable power, through EcoStruxure solutions
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