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The new digital economy is redefining power distribution for today and in the future.

How the digital world is redefining power distribution.

Key Takeaways:

• How electricity is generated and used is reshaping power distribution
• Need for safe, reliable, and efficient power remains a constant in today’s digital economy
• Geneva Airport updated its entire electrical system without any disruption

Upgrading the infrastructure of an airport without impacting operations and 15 million passengers is a bold idea. Geneva Airport relies on EcoStruxure™ Power for RELIABLE electrical distribution for its facility that serves millions every year.

The traditional power distribution model is pretty simple. Power is generated by a single source, transmitted over long distances, and then distributed to households and commercial and industrial entities. Significant changes in how power is generated and used will make this model less relevant and impact how power is distributed.

Alternate energy sources and technological advances now create a variety of power sources, impacting how power is managed and distributed. Additionally, the Internet of Things connects all types of devices and equipment via the cloud, enabling commercial and industrial users to control and manage how they distribute and use electricity within their facilities.

These and other factors will change how power is distributed now and in the future. What will not be changing, though, is the need for safe, reliable, and efficient power.

Take Geneva Airport as an example. The single-runway airport serves 15 million passengers each year, and the passenger volume is expected to rise to over 25 million by 2030. To accommodate such growth, the airport needed to upgrade its infrastructure. It also wanted to renovate its electrical distribution system – at the same time.

Renovating a 24/7 facility without impacting day-to-day operations is a big challenge. But by relying on EcoStruxure™ Power, the airport modernized its electrical distribution system – from car parking to airplane departure – without any hitches. The aptly named MEGA project (Modernization Electrical Geneva Airport) saw the complete renovation and installation of a new medium-voltage system – from transformers to distribution equipment to monitoring software.

Find out more about how Geneva Airport confronted the future of power distribution head-on and leveraged EcoStruxure Power for a system upgrade without distracting its staff or passengers from the business of travel.

Learn more about how Geneva Airport leveraged EcoStruxure Power for a system upgrade without distracting its staff or passengers from the business of travel
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