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  • Sappi Paper Mills see massive savings in expansion

Equipment in a paper mill
Sappi Paper Mills earns a $1 million savings through PowerLogic implementation.

PowerLogic leads to $1 million savings in the construction of new co-generation plants.

Sappi Limited is a $4 billion group of forest products companies, responsible for 5 million tons of paper and 3 million tons of pulp every year. As part of Sappi Europe’s continuing expansion, the company installed high-quality paper production lines at new mills, each producing at least 250,000 tons of paper per year.

To support the higher energy requirements, Sappi constructed new 65 MW and 45 MW co-generation plants. Sappi’s Technology, Energy, and Maintenance Department wanted the following from a potential solution:

• Installation and operation that is efficient and cost-effective
• A flexible option that could be fine-tuned to meet their specific needs
• Comprehensive energy consumption logs 
• Immediate access to a complete range of electrical parameters
• Ability to remotely view information through the company’s existing computer network

Sappi decided that Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic solution offered the right set of capabilities. As a result, power management software and 55 power meters were installed at the company’s Maastricht and Lanaken mills.

Along with flexibility, data logging, and computer access, the Lanaken mill had additional needs of remote switching and control of their 10 kV breakers – both of which were handled through this solution.

Sappi engineers mounted power meters in the power station’s feeder compartment, and power management software was installed on distributed workstations to automatically collect and process the data. This resulted in:

• Maximum flexibility; each power meter can be programmed for measuring, analysis, and control function
• Connectivity: Direct Ethernet links between meters and software transfer data at maximum speeds
• Open architecture that allows ‘plug-and-play’ communication with meters
• Easy data sharing with other users and application
• Report generation through a direct database connection to reporting applications

Sappi estimates that the system has saved them $1 million in the construction of the new co-generation plants. Further savings are expected, especially related to fast alarm response. Sappi can also depend on the system’s modular architecture to facilitate affordable growth of all their energy management applications.

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