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  • Schneider Electric and Locum: A lesson in collaboration

3D rendering of a building compound
Collaboration has been a key success factor for this project. Photo credit: Locum “A prerequisite for a successful collaboration contract is trust. Other important factors are a common vision, good communication, and flexibility. Schneider Electric has demonstrated this in their solutions for regulation and control.” —JC Norlander, Senior Project Manager, Locum

How Schneider Electric contributed to the “Building of the Year 2013” in Sweden

Today’s hospitals rely heavily on technology to maximize operations, ensure quality care for patients, and attract the best medical talent. When Locum decided to build their new forensic psychiatric ward at Huddinge, Sweden, just outside of Stockholm, they determined that credible partners with hospital-specific solutions were essential to optimizing returns on their long-term investments.

They selected Schneider Electric™ and other partners to construct a modern facility with stringent security requirements. The project, Helix, is the largest in Locum’s history and the first to be carried out with a proper modern collaboration contract.

Why collaboration matters

Collaboration between different providers, installers, architects, and project managers is a time-tested approach in building construction. But today, collaboration has a broader meaning than it did just a few years ago. Now, the various partners are involved in the earlier stages of projects, often in the planning phase, requiring strategic relationships and closer interaction among project collaborators.

Technology plays a key role in facilitating collaboration

In the Helix-project, technical partners ranging from fire and ventilation, control, and regulation suppliers, were involved throughout the project life cycle. Schneider Electric worked closely with the client and partners to develop solutions for achieving the goal of a safe, modern, and flexible healthcare building.

Locum was satisfied with the end result. And Helix was named the "Building of the Year 2013.” According to the awarding organization, Helix was "a complex and extensive building project with rigorous standards of safety both in the design phase and for the building’s operation ... collaboration between all parties involved has been a central point from the start.”

"We’re excited about the success of this collaboration,” says Jacob Hultgren, project manager for the Helix Project at Schneider Electric. "We leveraged our extensive experience with patient safety, critical power, integrated subsystems, and long-term energy efficient operations to help build a world-class healthcare facility for Locum.”