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  • A Sustainable Future

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Today’s companies implement sustainability strategies for profit as well as environmental reasons

How active energy management is enabling companies to find new opportunities in a new energy future

Key Takeaways:

• The energy landscape is changing rapidly.
• How you buy and use energy and sustainability initiatives needs to be managed together.
• Active energy management presents new opportunities.

Reducing the ecological footprint of 120 venues to up the game for fans and performers is a bold idea. With EcoStruxure™, AEG manages SUSTAINABLE and EFFICIENT sports and entertainment venues across the globe, with savings of over $3 million.

Three energy trends are redefining the new energy landscape: decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization. In this new landscape, energy users will have more control over how they buy and use energy, and will eventually go beyond simply consuming energy to producing it as well.

To make the most of the opportunities presented by this new energy landscape, companies need to make a fundamental change: shift to an integrated way of managing energy and sustainability programs − active energy management.

Active energy management is the process of integrating energy supply, energy demand, and sustainability strategies, programs, and data for greater efficiency and maximum results. That is, the procurement officer, operations manager, and sustainability director in an organization need to work together – crafting a cohesive strategy, sharing data, and deploying joint initiatives.

When energy and sustainability strategies are managed together, the company gains a holistic view of the data and resources needed to reduce consumption, drive innovation, and maximize savings. Blind spots are quickly discovered, new opportunities present themselves, and the organization becomes more resilient, more efficient, and more competitive, as it is now better able to respond to new changes with speed and flexibility.

3 Steps to Begin Active Energy Management

How can an organization begin making the shift to active energy management? Here’s how:

1) Get data
If you already have access to reliable data, you’re one step ahead. If not, deploying an enterprise-wide solution that can collect accurate energy and sustainability metrics from across the company should be a top priority.

2) Make the data useful
Data becomes useful only when its meaning is accurately analyzed and given context. The answer here is software solutions like EcoStruxure Resource Advisor that help you benchmark, identify opportunities to save, and attain your energy and sustainability goals.

3) Build an integrated strategy
This step requires that established patterns of decision-making give way to new strategies and new ways of working together internally. When a company takes this step, it has truly embraced active energy management. Energy and procurement teams can work together to define a renewable energy strategy to meet sustainability CO2 reduction goals, or define load shifting opportunities to take advantage of real-time energy prices.

As the new energy landscape emerges, exciting opportunities for innovation are presenting themselves. Those who adopt a forward-looking, integrated energy and sustainability strategy will put their organization in the best position to succeed.

One such company is AEG, the world’s leading sports and live entertainment company. By partnering with Schneider Electric to purchase its energy, AEG is able to optimize rates and cut costs across almost 60 facilities — with savings of more than $3 million since 2010.

Using Resource Advisor, AEG also has a much clearer vision of its entire network, which spans more than 120 venues. This makes it possible to benchmark electricity, water use, and waste production, assess sustainability and efficiency projects, report overall performance, and advance the company’s environmental goals.

Learn how Schneider Electric gave AEG the visibility, strategy and services to buy energy cheaper.
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