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  • The future is now. Let’s talk smart sustainability.

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The sustainability of tomorrow’s cities depends on the new buildings being designed today.

Leading the way: the world’s most sustainable office buildings.

Key Takeaways:

• Digital technologies are driving energy efficiency and enabling net-zero buildings
• Sustainability and comfort will become the norm for smart buildings in the new digital world
• The Edge office building in Amsterdam is a net-zero facility and a model of sustainability

Building a SUSTAINABLE office that generates more energy than it consumes is a bold idea. Deloitte uses IoT connectivity to ensure comfort and energy efficiency with Schneider EcoStruxure™ Building.

The Net-Zero Building: Our Future?

We don’t need to look too far ahead to see it: Technology reigns supreme. Connectivity has reached a new level for billions of people. Today people expect sustainable and connected surroundings, at home or work, and in the marketplace.

That’s something the developers of The Edge office building in Amsterdam have mastered. Staking its claim as the “world’s most sustainable office building” upon opening, The Edge is both aesthetically pleasing and an operational wonder.

The net-zero facility produces 102% of its own energy, and consistently exceeds occupant expectations for building comfort. Some of the elements contributing to sustainability include:

• IoT-driven design that collects, analyzes and learns from streaming data on building usage
• A workplace infrastructure that responds to occupant habits and behavior, linking via a mobile app on workers’ smartphones
• Smart building systems that adjust to lighting and temperature preferences to maximize efficiency and occupant productivity

Toward a More Sustainable Future

It starts with re-inventing buildings. Leveraging IoT makes it possible to connect building systems with devices and services, reshaping how buildings operate and turning them into collaborative assets.

Digital buildings work smarter, using automation to perform building maintenance and operation. How? It’s a combination of digital connectivity, deep analytics and artificial intelligence.

For instance, owners can rely on smarter building platforms to manage energy use and building systems. That means maintenance teams can focus less on repairs and more on sophisticated analytics to keep their buildings operating without fail.

More of this new breed of buildings like The Edge can play a role in creating sustainable cities through decreasing use of fossil fuels … increased availability of renewable energy … and distributed generation and energy storage advancements … all of which play a significant role in enabling buildings to reach net-zero energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Discover more about The Edge and the EcoStruxure™ technology underlying this sustainable, net zero building of the future
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