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  • New distribution operation system for CPFL Energia in Brazil

Photo of the famous cable-stayed bridge located at Sao Paulo city.
With EcoStruxure™ ADMS, the five operations centers of CPFL Energia will unlock new ways to monitor their electric networks.

Schneider Electric helps CPFL Energia modernize distribution operation system with EcoStruxure™ ADMS. The project’s goal is to improve electric system operational efficiency for five CPFL Energia distributors.

CPFL Energia, the largest private player in the Brazilian electricity sector, has commissioned Schneider Electric to implement an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation of energy management and automation will help roll out the system across five of the company’s distributors – in Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, and Minas Gerais. Four million consumers in 679 cities will benefit from its deployment.

With this new ADMS solution, scheduled for completion by 2023, the five operations centers of CPFL Energia will unlock new ways to monitor their electric networks. The new system will provide operators with real-time data about technical variables that affect consumers’ energy supply quality and optimize network monitoring and control.

Schneider Electric’s ADMS solution will modernize current tools used for network operation:
  • SCADA for equipment monitoring and remote control
  • OMS for outage management and power recovery
  • The ADMS solution will also provide two new tools:
  • DMS for distribution network analysis and optimization
  • EMS for subtransmission system analysis and optimization
Benefits and functionalities

“The ADMS directly improves customer satisfaction, reduces operational costs, and improves DEC and FEC indicators (electricity supply disruption duration and frequency) used by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, responsible for applying potential penalties,” highlighted Julio Martins, Schneider Electric VP Energy Brazil.

New functionalities provided by the ADMS include:
  • real-time asset management
  • fault location and automatic service recovery (self-healing)
  • real-time balancing of voltage level and load power
  • active/reactive power dispatch to reduce system energy losses
  • automatic network reconfiguration plan sent to field crews

“CPFL Energia promotes investments guaranteeing the distribution network’s sustainable growth and responsibility for better energy supply quality. Creating one unique platform for all systems will allow distributors reduce energy losses and act quickly for energy restoration,” explained Luis Henrique Ferreira, CPFL Energia Regulated Operations VP.

Furthermore, Schneider Electric’s ADMS improves operators’ confidence in their tasks. With all tools in a single platform, operators will no longer need to extract data from different programs to make decisions. ADMS will also connect CPFL Energia’s satellite systems, such as SAP (enterprise resource planning), CWSi (field crew dispatching), CCS (business management), and smart meters.

“EcoStruxure™ solutions – ADMS in this case – can incorporate and manage distinct systems provided by different suppliers. With one unique module including SCADA, OMS, DMS and EMS, CPFL Energia will operate with one single database. It will allow remote monitoring of real-time field information, fault location, and automatic power restoration”, said Julio Martins from Schneider Electric.

Electric network digitalization

With electricity market evolutions, CFPL Energia’s strategy focuses on innovation, automation, digitization, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Their ADMS adoption is part of this strategy. The new platform will create the technological conditions to keep CPFL Energia progressing in smart grid investments.

Distributors across Italy, the United States, Canada, Denmark and other countries already trust Schneider Electric’s ADMS solution. “ADMS aids whole system improvement, and helps strategically plan expansion, coming investments, and new installations,” explained Martins. “Considering network complexity, ADMS offers the best decision-making support. It increases agility for problems solving according to predefined parameters, with reliability, agility, efficiency, and service quality gains.

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