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    Okken solutions

    Okken offers industry-leading performance and advanced smart solutions for power distribution and motor control, bringing you increased reliability, efficiency and productivity - even for the toughest challenges.

Engineered for performance

The Okken switchboard features: 

  • - Power Control Center (PCC): delivering up to 6300 A
  • - Motor Control Center (MCC): delivering up to 250 kW
  • - Intelligent Power and Motor Control Center (iPMCC)

Functional applications

Power control (PCC)

Power Control Center (PCC) features protection and power factor correction

• Incomers: up to 6300 A (Masterpact circuit breakers)
• Feeders: up to 6300 A (Masterpact circuit breakers), and 630 A (Compact circuit breakers)
• Power factor correction: up to 540 kVAR

Motor control (MCC)

Motor Control Center (MCC) including protection, starters, and drives

• Conventional starters up to 250 kW
• Soft starters up to 250 kW
• Drives up to 160 kW

Intelligent iPMCC by Okken

iPMCC by Okken, intelligent switchboard solutions for energy efficiency

• Smart advanced solution and smart devices for zero downtime tolerance, fault prevention, and automatic restarting
• Better traceability with local or remote real-time access: status, measurements, diagnostics, trends, and energy consumption
• Seamless integration with energy management and control systems (EMCS), and distributed control systems (DCS)
• Tested, validated, and documented architectures (TVDA)
• Industry-leading communication protocols

Optimized motor performance

• Motor monitoring and failure protection in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-7-1
• Motor synchronization and reduced peak consumption thanks to soft starters and variable speed drives
• Reactive power compensation management and thermal monitoring to reduce costs and increase energy availability

Increased flexibility

Optimized footprint and modular design

• Compactness and high stacking density
• Single front or double front access thanks to back-to-back configuration
• Top or bottom direct power connections, rear or side power connections
• Fixed, disconnectable or withdrawable functional units

Withdrawable drawers optimization

• Drawer size optimization: full and half-widths, heights from 100 to 600 mm
• Direct connection to the arc-free vertical busbar (50 mm pitch)
• Reliable drawer position indicator, and drawer stop

Stress-free upgrading, and maintenance

• Upgrade energized equipment in complete safety thanks to the withdrawable drawers
• Withdrawable Masterpact and plug-in Compact circuit breaker modules
• Customer connection separate from the functional unit (form up to 4b)
• Degree of protection up to IPxxD on busbars

Services and support

To boost your return on investment and to be most efficient

Tools and support services

• Advice and guidance for maintenance and upgrading
• Regional and local services and support, assistance and troubleshooting
• Customised vocational training, on site or in one of our training centers
• Validated tools and architectures

Auditing, consulting, and solution engineering

• Customised projects, including critical applications
• Engineering expertise for new and existing sites
• Installation and energy audits
• Enterprise-wide energy efficiency solutions

Okken panel builder network

• Manufacturing and delivery by the Schneider Electric Equipment Units or by licensed panelbuilders present all around the world
• Licensed panelbuilders selected for their expertise, trained and regularly audited by Schneider Electric to guarantee top-quality equipment and support

  • Okken switchboards

    Reliable and durable low voltage switchboards that deliver intelligent power distribution and motor control - up to 7300A

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