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    Energy Market Intelligence

    We provide relevant, tailored market intelligence. You receive clear recommendations that enable you to act on opportunities as part of your energy risk management strategy.

Data overload fueling energy risk management

Conditions change in global energy markets every day. Hundreds of factors around the world can cause prices at home to spike… or bottom out… or hold steady. Unpredictability is the downside of volatility. The upside of volatility is that market movement creates market opportunity. The hard part is finding intelligence in all the data. The easy part is finding an expert to do it for you.

We find intelligence in energy market data

Schneider Electric’s energy advisors go beyond simply collecting data. Our Global Research & Analytics team distills volumes of data to bring your stakeholders true energy market intelligence. Schneider Electric's real strength in global analytics is its global operations.

Your unbiased experts in energy risk management

Breadth of Knowledge
We monitor energy supply, energy efficiency and resource sustainability. Then, we distill the data to provide expert energy forecasts, research, and interval publications on energy topics that matter most to your business.

Depth of Expertise
Understanding of global commodity markets is built on regional expertise and the collaboration between all our international offices. We supplement our opinions with actionable recommendations so you can act quickly.

Achieve energy savings with timely action

When your organization is exposed to market volatility, you must balance this volatility with current forecast and plan for the future. Only then can you act quickly and intentionally to capture each and every opportunity for energy savings.

  • Risk and uncertainty explained

    Risk and uncertainty are two unwelcome words in any boardroom and a threat to the bottom line. This energy risk management timeline highlights the realities.

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  • 4 steps to mitigate risk

    Proactive energy and commodity risk management can help limit organizations’ exposure to energy market volatility. This e-book looks at 4 strategies successful companies employ.

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  • 5 steps to reduce energy spend

    There’s still time to meet this year’s energy spend target. Take 5 minutes to explore these 5 simple ways to find energy savings.

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    Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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    Our energy and sustainability experts are ready to assist you in building a sustainability strategy today.
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