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    Large Building Solutions

    Maximize efficiency, optimize comfort and productivity, and increase building value with EcoStruxure™ Building.

Building Services

Deliver and sustain high-performance businesses and buildings with best-in-class technology and support. Schneider Electric helps you gather data to optimize interior environments and overall operational systems in any building.

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EcoStruxure Building Advisor
Simplify your building maintenance. EcoStruxure Building Advisor provides key insights into your building operations by constantly monitoring systems and identifying faults to proactively address building inefficiencies.

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EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor
Optimize your offices and empower employees with this suite of flexible digital services and mobile app that help create smart offices. Rationalize space use, improve comfort and employee experience, enhance productivity, and reduce facility service costs.

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  • EcoStruxure Building Advisor

    See how EcoStruxure Building Advisor provides a real impact on operating costs, occupant comfort, and asset value throughout the lifecycle of a building.

EcoStruxure Building Operation

Today’s smart buildings require simple integration across systems, access to the latest IoT devices and comprehensive safety solutions. With an open and secure software integration framework, EcoStruxure Building Operation allows collaboration across complex third-party systems to create truly innovative custom solutions. It supports standard open protocols, and includes BTL certifications across the system’s SmartX hardware and software. This helps integrate connected products and create future-ready buildings.

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The open innovation platform of buildings, EcoStruxure™ Building Operation securely facilitates the exchange of data from both Schneider Electric and third-party energy, lighting, HVAC, fire safety, security and workplace management systems to create future-ready smart buildings.

Monitor, manage and control building systems conveniently – anytime, anywhere on any mobile device.


Create innovative new capabilities, applications and solutions that extend and enhance EcoStruxure™ Building with Smart Connector, an open, extensible and configurable application developer framework. Smart Connector infuses a new level of flexibility and openness by enabling rapid, repeatable, and flexible integration with third-party systems or other data sources systems.

Easily scale up to 10x larger sites with the new Enterprise Central dedicated supervisory server at the top of the EcoStruxure Building system architecture. Manage even larger buildings, campuses, and multisite real estate portfolios from a single convenient location and increase engineering efficiency up to 30%.

> Up to 30% increase in engineering efficiency
> Up to 20% faster commissioning
> Scale 10x to support large & multi-site enterprises
  • EcoStruxure Building Operation

    Get more information about EcoStruxure Building Operation today.

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The Connected Room Solution

Create the room of the future with a connectivity hub that improves building efficiency and delivers a personalized occupant experience. Built on the SmartX IP Controller - RP-C, a modular BACnet/IP room purpose controller, the Connected Room Solution offers a flexible architecture and delivers engaging environments with personalized comfort and increased operational and energy efficiency. Easily integrate with IoT devices, a requirement in today’s connected world, while future-proofing your investment with an infrastructure that will grow with you and adapt to building tenants’ changing needs.

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• Features IP at the room-level so it’s easy to add more sensors and devices without needing a new network
• Expands easily from HVAC control to lighting and blinds – and puts control into the hands of occupants!
• Adapts easily to tenant layout change requests without need to replace the building management system

• Add IoT-based value-added services like automated fault detection and diagnostics, space analytics, and navigation using your existing infrastructure
• Delivers a faster, more flexible and secure network experience for building occupants, using an IP-infrastructure platform
• Saves time and money with higher operational and energy efficiencies

EcoStruxure Building Engage Comfort App

Increase occupant satisfaction and productivity by giving individuals the ability to personalize work environments from their own smartphone.

The Engage Comfort App:
• Enables individual control of HVAC, lighting, and blinds to meet personal comfort preferences
• Integrates easily with iOS and Android mobile devices
• Is equipped to support future connected services and other user conveniences like wayfinding and navigation

SmartX Living Space Sensors

Achieving the perfect room conditions based on individual preferences has never been so easy or attractive. SmartX Living Space Sensors provide HVAC control and convenient light and blind touch control in a single unit.

Our sleek, new Optimum SmartX room sensor housings feature a glass touchscreen face and smooth surrounds in black, white, and matte white finishes to enhance any room aesthetic.

eCommission SmartX Controller Mobile App

System installers can work faster and minimize disruption to day-to-day operations. This convenient app reduces RP-C commissioning time, and provides flexibility in executing projects around your needs and schedule – in fact, installations can begin even before the network infrastructure is in place!

The eCommission SmartX Mobile App also generates reports, audits installs, and records test results so your facilities team is always aware of the building system status.

EcoStruxure Energy Expert

EcoStruxure Energy Expert is an embedded software module that enables energy usage to be monitored, measured and optimized in the same system as HVAC, lighting and fire safety. It is designed specifically for non-electrical experts in buildings with non-critical power needs.

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EcoStruxure Energy Expert provides electrical systems management for organizations specifically with non-critical electrical network applications to better monitor, manage and optimize their buildings from a single system interface.

Leveraging Schneider’s expertise in power management, it helps ensure electrical network health, increase power quality awareness, and improve usage accountability.
  • EcoStruxure Energy Expert

    Improve energy usage and accountability, while ensuring power availability and increasing power quality. Enhance your building’s performance throughout its life cycle.

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EcoStruxure Security Expert

Protect your building occupants and assets with this integrated role-based physical access control and intrusion detection solution that unifies your building’s security infrastructure and management systems into an easy-to-manage, single platform that enables faster, more efficient, and potentially life-saving decision making.

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Offering access control and intrusion detection, EcoStruxure Security Expert provides visualization and control of the entire building enterprise.

Building occupants are safe, assets are protected, and information is available while reducing risks and maximizing efficiency.
  • Your first defense in building security

    Protect your building occupants and assets with an integrated physical access control and intrusion detection solution that unifies your building’s security infrastructure and building management systems.

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  • EcoStruxure Building Brochure

    Read the EcoStruxure Building e-brochure and future-ready your building with the latest features and advanced technologies.

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  • Responsible GROWTH

    Read about Digital Realty’s growth without limits and learn how we help monitor and control facilities, anywhere in the world.

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  • Strategy Talk Buildings Re-Invented

    Listen to EVP Laurent Bataille discuss the future of smart buildings.

    Connected Products

    Connected products are an integral part of EcoStruxure Building, Schneider Electric’s open innovation platform for buildings. Inclusive of valves, actuators, sensors and cabling management solutions, connected products help ensure optimal performance and comfort.

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    SmartX IP Controllers & SmartX Living Space Sensors

    Extend the reach of EcoStruxure Building’s open innovation platform with an end-to-end IP system for seamless scalability and flexible topologies. Enable data transmission from connected equipment, provide built-in security, and enhance the ability to diagnose and resolve issues faster.

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    SmartX IP Controllers are fully configurable and fast to set up with zero disruption using a mobile app. Complementary SmartX Living Space Sensors communicate seamlessly with the Controllers for convenient temperature, humidity, CO₂ and motion detection solutions in one package.

    eCommission SmartX Mobile App

    Deploy faster and reduce costs when managing commissioning activities with the eCommission SmartX IP Controller Mobile App. This mobile app improves productivity and lowers labor costs by enabling the configuration of SmartX IP Controllers without connection to a server.

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    Conveniently load controller applications, program and configure systems, conduct I/O checkout and air balancing from a laptop or mobile device, even without a network infrastructure in place, providing up to 20% faster commissioning time.
    • Actassi Structured Cabling Solutions

      Get simple installation and ease of engineering deployment with our single source for your BMS and network cabling needs. Our physical network infrastructure solutions offer simple, reliable, end-to-end scalability that enable IT efficiency.

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