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    Smart Sustainability Solutions

    Our Automotive customers are continuously looking to minimize the impact they have on our planet, and ensure their operations are efficient and optimized. An adapted Energy Strategy enables their business to thrive, while limiting their ecological footprint.

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    Energy Management / Energy Efficiency Blog

    Solutions like Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ software bridge the gap, connecting IoT devices in buildings to enable experts to analyze data and find opportunities for greater efficiency.

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    WAGES Metering and Energy Data Collection

    Identifying energy consumed – whether at the point of use or at a departmental level – is the first critical step towards reducing your environmental footprint from an energy intensity point of view. The closer to the point of use, the better your ability to collect, analyze and act to ensure you truly optimize your company’s facilities ultimately reduce global enterprise energy footprint.

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    Solution & Benefits

    Digitization is enabling greater functionality across all areas of power. Scalable WAGES metering and Data Collection solutions, in combination with our Connected Devices in Industry, Buildings, IT infrastructure and Grid, further enhance our ability to obtain the data required, empowering you to analyze and act.

    > Scalable Granularity – from point of use / component, through to departmental, and facility-wide choice of metering solutions

    > Flexible functionality – from basic data to detailed insight information to help you optimize your system performance

    > Digital innovation – enhances the data collection ability across your water / air / gas / electric & steam infrastructure

    • PowerTag

      PowerTag, a compact, easy to install wireless sensors accurately monitor energy consumption in real-time, from small buildings to large facilities.

    Facility level Energy Monitoring

    With so many disparate infrastructures to manage from an energy consumption and efficiency perspective, our Automotive customers need a scalable and globally-deployable energy monitoring strategy at the facility level is critical to managing energy intensity.

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    Solution & Benefits

    Power and energy management solutions in both cloud and on-premise forms. Supervisory software package for power management applications. From edge control of your energy infrastructure through to apps, analytics and services, turn information into business efficiency.

    > Collect & organize data gathered from your facility’s electrical network & present it as meaningful, actionable information via an intuitive web interface

    > Share information with key stakeholders or across your entire operation to influence behavioral changes that can save you money

    > Gain energy intensity awareness and take the right actions in the right areas, to not only gain control of your infrastructure but also to reach optimal efficiency

    • Digitizing Power Distribution

      Ecostruxure™ Power – Discover how IoT-enabled products and solutions are taking power distribution to new limits.

    Sustainability Management

    We can help you minimize negative impact and boost positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. From a single facility level all the way through to global management of this critical topic.

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    Solution & Benefits

    Begin with a comprehensive sustainability strategy that leverages the technologies available across your organization. Ensure a truly sustainable operation when you reduce your environmental footprint, buy renewable energy and keep your business compliant with all regulations.

    By developing exclusive business models, Schneider Electric contributes to poverty alleviation and environmental protection in an innovative and economically sustainable way.

    Single, company-wide platform – EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor – makes energy and sustainability data visible, enabling efficiency opportunities such as:

    > Lower energy spend

    > Reduced consumption

    > Faster reporting and analysis

    > Increased collaboration

    • Turn resource data into action

      Using a single, cloud-based platform, start by collecting and aggregating cross-enterprise information.

    • The Edge in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Heralded as the world’s most sustainable office building, this exciting new BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’-rated building features EcoStruxure Building BMS as a single backbone to enable real-time access and connection to critical building data.

      Energy Efficiency Solutions

      Around 2/3 of the economic potential to improve energy efficiency remains untapped, with annual energy bills exceeding 1 Billion Euros. For Automotive companies, the topic of energy efficiency across globally-located facilities can be a significant pain point, while also representing a huge potential for improvement and positive change. Schneider Electric solutions and services aim to help you optimize energy intensity throughout your value chain.

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      Solution & Benefits

      We look to utilize the scope of EcoStruxure for Automotive, hardware, software and services from all areas of Schneider Electric to increase productivity, efficiency and bring value to this area of your operations. From manufacturing value chain solutions to solutions that improve the efficiency of your facilities. Covering your smallest office or dealership through to your largest manufacturing plants.

      > Reduced energy intensity of your vehicles / automotive component

      > Reduced environmental impact of your value chain

      > Savings to enterprise-wide OPEX

      • Continuous Efficiency - Use energy data to drive business success

        Improving energy efficiency starts with understanding. The average company generates more than 20 million energy and sustainability data points every year. Our experts discuss energy data as a business accelerator.

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      • Energy University from Schneider Electric

        An introduction into our 24/7 365 globally-available Energy Management e-learning tool – free to use, over 200 training courses in multiple languages.

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        Renewable Energy

        More and more in the Automotive industry, our customers are deploying renewable energy solutions within their facilities, to enhance their evolving business models and overall Evolution of Mobility / Smart City activities. With significant experience in this area coupled with solutions from across the Schneider Electric portfolio, we can bring great value not only to individual renewable energy projects, but to your global renewable energy strategy.

        Blue solar panels and cloudy sky

        Solution & Benefits

        A wide range of solutions such as – Microgrid-Prosumer; Power, Energy & Building Management & Control; to connected products in each area.

        Including solar solutions for photovoltaic integration and connection, power conversion (inverters, transformers and switchgear), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision and technical support.

        > Deploy safe, reliable, efficient renewable energy solutions

        > Reduce your impact on the planet and its inhabitants

        > Achieve the optimum ROI in your sustainability strategy

        > Reduce energy costs

        > Greener and more sustainable operations

        • Schneider Electric EUREF Campus

          The city we are building today will determine the future. At the EUREF-Campus in Berlin, Schneider Electric shows what the future can look like. Here, ‘city’ is being rethought.

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        • Smart Electrical Solutions for Solar projects

          See how IoT coupled with Electrical Distribution excellence can enable you to control and manage your Solar / Photvoltaic solutions wherever they are across your value chain.

          Microgrid & Prosumer solutions

          The Automotive industry has for many years been deploying energy generation solutions, with some actors now getting involved in city, community & even home energy infrastructure. This is an important aspect of our customers’ sustainability strategies & new business opportunities. Our solutions leverage powerful analytics in order to optimize microgrid performance, in terms of sustainability, energy costs and productivity.

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          Solution & Benefits

          Flexible microgrid designs featuring a scalable set of grid components designed to efficiently manage your energy infrastructure, including distributed energy resources, storage, and load demand.

          Solutions include software, hardware, controls, and services: from cloud-based, demand-side energy management to localized microgrid control, smart electrical distribution, & solar inverters.

          Improvement in:

          > Data Collection

          > Forecasting capability

          > Optimization of distributed energy resources

          > Safety

          > Resilience

          > Energy cost reductions

          > Sustainability across your facilities

          • Microgrid Asset Advisor

            A cloud-based, demand-side energy management software platform that collects, forecasts and automatically optimizes the operation of distributed energy resources using predictive algorithms.

          • Renewable Energy solutions

            At Schneider Electric, our utility-scale energy storage solution supports a wide range of applications - renewable energy generation, power transmission and distribution, large commercial/industrial end-users.

          • Smart Grid Management

            EcoStruxure™ Grid supports a digitized smart grid ecosystem, to enable our customers to manage their network, and reduce power outages & impact on renewable energy production due to severe weather events.

            EcoStruxure Success Stories

            • EcoStruxure Resource Advisor for Automotive Industry

              Suppliers are not only looking for ways to streamline sustainability reporting processes for manufacturers, but also to share information across operations and reduce overall costs. EcoStruxure Resource Advisor simplifies these tasks.

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