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    Electrical Distribution

    Availability is critical to your success. Electrical power distribution keeps data center power flowing consistently and safely.

    + Lifecycle Services

Low-voltage and Medium-voltage Switchgear

From centralized to distributed architectures, optimize low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear to meet your specific power distribution needs.

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Trust Schneider Electric for reliable and safe switchgear solutions to avoid costly downtime.

Discover innovative low- and medium-voltage electrical distribution products designed to ensure the reliability of your data centers’ critical applications.


Make the most of electrical infrastructure solutions that are designed with reliability and safety in mind.

> Safety: Innovation dedicated to customer security

> Reliability: Long-lasting performance to maintain operation continuity and avoid costly downtime

> Scalability: Innovative and repeatable solutions to deploy power capacity as needed

  • Introducing Premset

    Discover the Premset (ANSI version), the new generation of medium-voltage switchgear.

  • Keystone NAP

    Keystone NAP discusses their successful partnership with Schneider Electric, creating a modular key block architecture; developing and validating their strategy and helping with deployment, commissioning, and delivery to their customers.

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    Stable, protected, and energy-efficient power is critical to the success of colocation and cloud providers. Data centers are tasked with balancing availability with business efficiency requirements, maintaining uptime, while minimizing energy, operational, and capital costs, as well as carbon emissions, to remain competitive.

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    Innovative technologies allow cloud and service providers to select the best match of UPS performance to business objectives, with an adaptable approach to changing needs.

    Integrated software management provides actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak performance.


    Select the best UPS to match performance with business objectives using an adaptable approach to changing needs.

    > Custom efficiency - Three modes of operation to best meet business objectives

    > Ultra-high efficiency of up to 99% achieved through ECOnversion Mode

    > Capital preservation

    > Dynamic scalability allows pay-as-you-grow expandability with modular design

    > Integrated software management

    • Combatting Latency with IoT Technology INAP

      How this colocation provider offers agile services to its customers, ensuring their capacity and 100% uptime needs are met.

    • Galaxy VX 3 Phase UPS

      The need for unyielding energy efficiency has given rise to Schneider Electric’s powerhouse innovation — the Galaxy™ VX UPS. It’s a high-reliability, next-level solution for large data centers and colocation facilities.

      Smart Systems for Communicating Electrical Distribution

      The simple, plug‑and‑play, Ethernet‑connected power distribution asset management solution that reveals opportunities to help you reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.

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      Your electrical equipment can tell you a lot about your building.  Reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency with our smart systems for communicating electrical distribution. This simple, plug‑and‑play power distribution asset management solution reveals opportunities to help performance.

      Our solutions clearly present real-time and historical trending data, allowing you to easily manage and monitor building energy use and electrical system status, anytime and anywhere.


      Smart electrical systems enable you to reduce downtime so customer availability isn’t compromised, while also improving operational efficiency.

      Features include:

      > Direct Ethernet connectivity to each circuit breaker

      > Flexible and scalable configuration across a full range of breakers from 20 A to 6000 A

      > Remotely manage your electrical distribution system via cloud or local connectivity

      > Assign pre-configured alarms to specific email addresses