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    Data Center Management

    Discover integrated data center infrastructure management Software – metering, environmental monitoring and security Solutions for power, cooling and IT rooms.

Discover the benefits

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    A win for the customer is a win for everybody In this blog we discuss the benefits which an online service, such as Schneider Electric’s Tenant Portal, can provide to both the colocation customer and the colocation service provider. Check out the blog
  • CenturyLink drives operational efficiencies With DCIM, there is visibility down to the device within the rack and this helps automate monitoring processes that were once manually driven. Joel Stone, VP of CenturyLink, explains the many benefits of implementing a DCIM solution.
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Calculate maturity level and ROI: Do you have visibility into your data center?

Identify potential cost savings from DCIM. Get a report on your data center maturity and savings. Go to the DCIM Maturity Assessment Tool
  • Hybrid IT management 451 Research study for enterprise leaders

    Based on intensive, in-depth interviews with infrastructure leaders at large enterprises from across the globe, this study provides valuable insights into C-suite data center and IT executives, empowering them to manage a rapidly-evolving hybrid IT landscape.

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Plan your success: How DCIM software improves planning and cuts operation cost

Through a series of examples, learn how data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery. Download the white paper

Building new or expanding? Future-proof your design.

A life cycle approach considers all sub-systems while designing a data center build-out. Planning your power and mechanical systems is as critical to achieving efficiency and reliability as planning your IT space.
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    Concerned with DCOI Compliance? DCIM can enable readiness for the Sept 30, 2018 Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) deadline. Read more
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    Fundamentals of managing the data center life cycle for owners For each phase of the data center’s life cycle, proper care and action must be taken to continuously meet the business needs of a facility. Download the white paper
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Selecting a Building Management System (BMS) for Sites with a Data Center or IT Room

A data center or IT room uniquely alters the requirements of a building management system (BMS). IT’s reliance on power and cooling systems makes a BMS an important part of a larger data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that brings together Facilities and IT. Download the white paper
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    Integrated power management solutions for power-critical facilities Learn how to maximize the reliability and efficiency of your power network. Download the brochure
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    Managing data centers beyond the IT room Facility management powered by EcoStruxure Building Operation for Data Centers Download the brochure
  • Digital Realty
    Growth without limits

    Digital Realty needed a globally consistent infrastructure to support their colocation expansion efforts. Schneider Electric helped customize an EcoStruxure solution to provide a unified, efficient way to monitor and control its facilities, anywhere in the world — all through a single pane of glass.

Optimizing your existing data center

Facilities and IT are asked to do more, faster and at lower costs, pushing existing tools and processes beyond their original design. How vulnerable are you to unplanned down time?
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    Anticipating challenges
    How can you avoid making major mistakes operating and maintaining your data center(s)? The key is in the methodology behind your operations and maintenance program. Companies often put immense amounts of capital and expertise into the design of their facilities, but when construction is complete, data center operations are an afterthought.
    Download the white paper
  • Ease your day through automation
    Get a clear view of every watt that goes in and out of your data center with software designed from the ground up. Decrease unplanned outages, optimize power loads, improve efficiency, and enable pay-per-use billing.
  • Keep up with constant changes

    Now, power metering and monitoring devices (PMDs) can help meet a range of needs. Here are three valuable applications for PMDs.

    Check out the blog
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Several stakeholders involved in the purchasing process?

Our customers share their best practices on how to reach agreement and move forward with a data center management solution.
  • How an integrated solution extends manageability
    Cornell Medical College consolidated an older data center into their new data center. Leonard Francis, Associate Director of IT Operations, describes how he rebuilt their data center and integrated their DCIM solution with their ticketing system to extend manageability.
  • Monitoring energy savings to prove ROI using DCIM University of Cardiff CTO, Hugh Beedie, explains how DCIM analytics enabled a process of continual improvements to PUE which managed the cooling cost and halved the data center power bill. Watch how they made a case for DCIM implementation and got stakeholders on board.
  • Learn from your peers Is DCIM business value finally real?

    The evidence says yes. As does SKY. Learn from their first-hand experience of planning and implementation across several data center sites.

    Check out the blog
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Ensure implementation success and ongoing effectiveness

Executing correctly and continual support of your data center management tool are as important as choosing the right partner.
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Avoiding common pitfalls of evaluating and implementing DCIM solutions

While many who invest in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software benefit greatly, some do not. This white paper examines three pitfalls that end users should avoid when evaluating and implementing DCIM solutions.
Check out the white paper
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Consideration for owning versus outsourcing

When faced with the decision of upgrading an existing data center, building new, or leasing space in a retail colocation data center, there are both quantitative and qualitative differences to consider. This paper discusses how to assess these key factors to help make a sound decision.
Download the white paper
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FAQs on Data Center Management Software

Get answers to all your most commonly asked questions about Data Center Management Software Download the e-guide

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