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    EcoStruxure™ Solutions for Server Rooms

    Integrated data center IT room solutions that reduce time and complexity to scale up or down quickly at the rack level.

    + Lifecycle Services

Micro Data Centers

Secure computing environments that are a single IT rack or smaller.

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Solutions and Benefits

As more IT equipment is added to today’s data centers, the need to protect connectivity rises, ensuring ongoing resiliency for this critical cog in the new data center ecosystem. 

Micro data centers enable latency reduction, increased physical security and the ability to deploy equipment in or outside the closet.

Preconfigured micro data centers offer the most flexibility and customization, with an online configuration tool that designs solutions (including IT equipment) that are assembled on-site at point of use. 

Prefabricated Micro Data Center Xpress offers the quickest deployment and shortest lead time. Factory built and tested, install IT equipment at an integration site and ship complete to point of use – ideal when there are a large number of sites.

> Certified: IT vendor validated infrastructure and partnerships
> Fast: Pre-install IT equipment in a Micro Data Center Xpress and ship to your site
> Compatible: Works with the latest converged and hyperconverged IT systems
> Secure: Prevents unauthorized access
> Manageable: Remote alerts and predictive analytics maximize uptime through cloud based or on premise solutions
  • Micro Data Center Infrastructure

    Watch and learn about Micro Data Centers that are self contained, secure computing environments that include all the storage, processing and networking required to run your applications indoors or outdoor.

  • EcoStruxure Platform Overview

    Our EcoStruxure Platform allows you to leverage the expertise of Schneider Electric to optimize your reliability, productivity, comfort and efficiency.

  • NetSheter SX with Shock Packaging Rack and stack made easy

    NetShelter SX cabinet and packaging system designed to safely integrate, transport, unload and deploy up to 2000 lbs (907 kg) of IT equipment.

    Preconfigured Systems

    Integrated data center IT room solutions that reduce time and complexity to scale up or down quickly at the rack level.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    We are a “one-stop-shop” with the largest portfolio of physical infrastructure solutions for integrated power, cooling, rack, security, containment and management components plus software and services for complete IT room solutions. 

    Get fast and easy configuration with integrated components, greatly reducing deployment risk and time. Management is powerful yet simple to implement with Expert, Operations and Advisor solutions. 

    Run applications and/or cloud services on premise, matching and balancing your business needs in today’s hybrid computing world.

    > Digital, rules-based design tool
    > Ships complete to modernize infrastructure, optimize performance, space and availability
    > Thousands of existing configurations
    > Preconfigured solutions easily scale up or down
    > For traditional, converged, hyper converged or composable IT architectures
    • EcoStruxure Row Data Center Solution

      EcoStruxure Row Data Centers (formerly InfraStruxure Data Center solution) are an integrated architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from design to installation and operation.

      Check EcoStruxure Row Data Centers
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    • The backbone of your data center

      EcoStruxure Pod Data Centers offer the speed and flexibility needed to support today’s fast-paced and ever-changing data center environments. With support for any rack, its easy configuration and integrated power and cooling make it ideal for pod scale IT deployments.

      Rack Systems

      Mount and secure IT equipment in server rooms.

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      Solutions and Benefits

      Today’s high-density server applications demand a rack infrastructure that can mount a mix of different IT equipment, effectively manage airflow and support high-capacity cable management in an efficient, flexible design. 

      Rack enclosure solutions provide the latest cable management innovations to optimize installation of any mix of IT equipment.

      > Engineered to optimize proper airflow
      > Promotes efficient cable management
      > Allows for quick and easy access to new rack equipment
      > Extensive portfolio of standard racks
      > Customize racks, rack-mount PDUs to exact specifications
      • IT Solutions for Server Rooms and Network Closets Small and Powerful

        Bigger isn't always better. With everything from racks, to PDUs to management software, APC by Schneider Electric can turn any space into an IT environment.

      • Tallahassee/Leon County Partnership Server Room Solution

        Server room solution with NetShelter as the base building block for one of the largest joint projects between city and county, the Tallahassee/Leon County Public Safety Complex supported emergency services for Tallahassee's growing community.

      • Micro Data Center Infrastructure

        Micro data centers can be beneficial when you need to install in harsh or outdoor environments. They offer reduced latency and increased physical security, and enable you to deploy IT equipment in close proximity to a data intensive application.

      • EcoAisle: Flexibility Meets Innovation

        The EcoAisle system delivers the most flexibility within a standard product, making it the best choice for both cold and hot aisle containment. View the video to see what else EcoAisle has to offer.


        Broadest portfolio of 3-phase and single-phase uninterruptible power supplies for server rooms.

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        Solutions and Benefits

        Setting the standards for UPS quality, innovation, and support over the last 60+ years, we offer the widest range of UPS solutions to match all needs and budgets. We are the world leader in providing high-quality UPS solutions to increase power density, power availability, and system uptime. We offer you power solutions that are easy to deploy and manage remotely. Our worldwide network of service specialists provide a full range of services throughout the complete lifecycle of your installations.

        > Best-in-class power density
        > Outlet-level load management by single-phase UPSs
        • Discover Galaxy VS

          Increased availability. Reduced operating costs. First-class power protection for critical infrastructure.

        • 120V Smart-UPS Family Brochure

          From home offices to business enterprises, Smart-UPS support the uninterruptible power needs of your IT and equipment.

          Smart UPS
        • The Perfect Server-Room-in-a-Box for Clinics.

          Watch a virtual tour of the NetShelter CX

          Learn more
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        • 120/208V Smart-UPS On-Line Brochure

          Online power protection for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and critical applications.

          Click here
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          Three-phase power systems portfolio Find your 3-phase UPS


          Integrated management software solutions across building, power and the IT rooms.

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          Solutions and Benefits

          We are a “one stop shop” for complete physical infrastructure solutions for IT room of data centers, with power, cooling, racks, security, air containment, management, and services that are fast and easy to configure in a digital, rules-based design tool. 

          Simple, powerful management with Expert, Operation, and Advisor solutions. 

          Quickly design systems at rack or POD level, run applications and/or cloud services on premise to match and balance your business needs in today’s hybrid computing world.

          > Solutions ships complete, easily scale up or down
          > Thousands of existing configurations
          > Largest portfolio for traditional, converged, hyper-converged, or composable IT architectures
          > Modernizes infrastructure and optimizes performance, space, and availability
          > Integrated components greatly reduce deployment time and risk
          • Cardiff University Customer Testimonial

            "Schneider Electric’s data center software is really useful for us as A) it saves us a load of money and B) it’s allowed me to show the CFO and the Director of IT Services, that the savings I’ve promised have actually materialized." - Hugh Beedie, CTO, Cardiff University

          • University of Massachusetts Medical Center Customer Testimonial

            "The Schneider Electric solution has had an impact on facilities, finance, and IT. Facilities gains real-time monitoring and historical data; finance gains the ability to charge customers for actual power usage; and IT gains an infrastructure management and planning solution." - David Plamondon, Data Center Operations Architect

            Learn more
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          • Sky Customer Testimonial

            "Data Center Operations is the foundation of IT at Sky and it needs to enable our business to grow."
            - Riccardo Degli Effetti, Head of Data Center Operations

            Read more
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            White Paper

            How Monitoring Systems Reduce Human Error in Distributed Server Rooms and Remote Wiring Closets. Read more


            Integrated in-row and in-room cooling for the server room.

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            Solutions and Benefits

            Every piece of IT equipment that consumes power produces an equivalent amount of heat. The wrong technology for your environment can result in higher costs and increased risk of downtime. Our efficient, flexible and reliable solutions help tackle growing heat densities while reducing operating costs. 

            We provide cooling that supports higher-density IT equipment and eliminates hot spots that result in premature equipment failure, system crashes, random reboots, and poor system performance.

            Whether you are building a new server room or retrofitting or modernizing an existing one, we can help you select an effective cooling solution for a healthy data center environment.
            • InRow DX 30kW High Density Cooling

              The InRow DX 300mm series is Schneider Electric’s newest close-coupled cooling solution and the optimal choice for edge and enterprise customers.

            • Cooling Portfolio Overview

              Schneider Electric’s. There’s no better way to cool.

            • EcoAisle: Flexibility Meets Innovation

              EcoAisle delivers the most value making it the best choice for cold and hot aisle containment

              EcoStruxure Success Stories

              • Cardiff University Customer Testimonial

                “Schneider Electric’s data center software is really useful for us as it saves us a load of money and it’s allowed me to show the CFO and the director of IT services that the savings I’ve promised have actually materialized.” – Hugh Beedle, CTO, Cardiff University

              • Tallahassee/Leon County Partner on Server Room Solution

                Tallahassee/Leon County entrusted their largest joint project to Schneider Electric's reliable, efficient, and integrated NetShelter solution to safely serve their growing community.