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    Corporate Social Responsibility for Banking and Finance

    Meet the requirements for sustainability metrics, reporting and corporate transparency.

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Build and Manage an Energy and Sustainability Strategy

The banking and finance industry must meet the requirements of regulators, shareholders, customers, local communities, and employees for sustainability metrics reporting. Corporate transparency is crucial for developing strategies, deploying sustainability projects, mitigating risk, and driving innovation and financial performance.

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Sustainability Strategic Planning Workshops

We help banking and finance clients develop market-leading energy and sustainability strategies, tailored to match their specific sustainability goals.


We will work with you to understand your unique sustainability risks and rewards, crafting a strategy that will deliver tangible benefits within your regulatory framework, while optimizing your available technology.

> Build a plan to meet desired goals and business objectives.
> Deliver focused action plans for business success.
> Target strategies towards operational and product sustainability.
> Adopt clean energy technologies, and address all aspects of your organization for sustainability.

Reduce Energy and Carbon Credit Spending

Our solutions help banking and finance clients achieve sustainability goals by reducing energy usage and enabling carbon credit spending. We continually monitor results, ensure progress, and deploy new efficiencies. Our solutions include consulting and planning services to integrate high-impact energy-savings strategies, rate/tariff optimization, budget development, risk management, commodities forecasting and intelligence, data collection, and bill payment.

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  • Blackstone achieves sustainability goals

    Blackstone, one of the world’s largest private equity firms achieves tens of millions in energy savings from sustainability efforts and strategic energy sourcing.


Reduce Energy and Carbon Credit Spending

We solve your unique challenges through in-depth economic analyses, market expertise, and non-traditional data modeling and algorithms. We deliver relevant market intelligence and a strategic view of energy and sustainability issues to help you strengthen your competitive edge.


With Schneider Electric’s expertise, your organization will develop a strategy for operating sustainably and strengthening your competitive edge, while maintaining customer and employee satisfaction.

> Create energy and sustainability strategies, to support financial and operational integrity
> Leverage Schneider Electric leadership for your entire energy and sustainability management program.

Energy and Carbon Emission Conservation Measures

With increased regulation and expectations over energy and carbon conservation measures, it’s important for banks and financial institutions to identify, prioritize and track these measures systematically through available technology.

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Full management of energy and carbon emission conservation measures

With increased scrutiny on banks and financial institutions by regulators and stakeholders, it is critical to identify, prioritize and track energy and carbon emissions conservation measures.


Our experts can help banks:
> Manage capital investment opportunities
> Achieve certification and compliance
> Identify opportunities for savings and conservation
> Generate ongoing savings by analyzing data to identify conservation measures.

> Receive detailed performance analyses, design, construction, start-up and verification.
> Comply with regional directives and the ISO50001 International Standard.
> Identify opportunities and provide implementation cost estimates.
> Receive personalized EDM recommendations and resources to implement projects, and conduct monitoring, measurement, and verification.

Validate Carbon Emission Reduction Progress

Regulatory and reporting requirements now require validation, alongside disclosure of carbon emission reduction. To comply, leading financial institutions partner with Schneider Electric to collate and deliver sustainability reporting, under both mandatory and voluntary information requests.

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Validate and disclose carbon emission reduction progress

Validation and reporting of energy and sustainability programs is key to meeting compliance management and corporate reporting requirements, for both regional and global financial institutions.


We deliver sustainability reporting to meet corporate and regulatory requirements, and partner with customers to optimize efforts with compliance management.

> Improve transparency in your operations to build trust among stakeholders.
> Track progress of energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.
> Track energy and sustainability data through a unified platform.
> Ensure compliance across all regions to avoid financial penalties.
> Accurately report key data to stakeholders and identify areas for improvement.
> Leverage a global team with experience on local, national and global standards.