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  • Technicians at their station, sustainability reporting.

    Smart facility management for food and beverage

    Make sure production facilities and resources are safe, available, efficient and green.

    + Lifecycle Services

Sustainability & Energy Management

Increase corporate transparency to meet your energy and sustainability goals.

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Solution and Benefits

Our team of consultants, collects, analyzes and reports data to our enterprise-level cloud platform, to improve your energy performance & environmental sustainability.

Improves environmental sustainability of your operations and reduces your energy bill by up to 30% with:
> Significant and measurable cost avoidance and savings
> Advantageous energy contracts and optimized energy purchased plant (rates and tariffs)
> Mitigate energy price risk

Power Safety & Availability

Standardization, site assessment, and predictive maintenance for safe and available power.

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Solution and Benefits

We assess the safety and reliability of your current electrical distribution systems and predict future conditions of your equipment to avoid accidents and downtime. We prescribe the best solutions to meet your needs for future production facilities.

> Prevent accidents and casualties
> Reduce impacts on production downtime
> Reduce maintenance costs

Power Quality & Efficiency

Detect and mitigate power quality issues to increase equipment efficiency and lifetime.

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Solution and Benefits

We design electrical distribution system to minimize harmonics and power quality issues. We monitor power quality evolution over the time and display its impact on plant’s key performance indicators.

> Reduce by up to 30% plant downtime, mitigating power quality issues
> Protect and optimize the electrical distribution network, improving both its efficiency and the lifetime of connected equipment.
> Real time monitoring of power efficiency and quality with associated cost impacts

Renewable Energies & Microgrid

Manage complex energy mixes to optimize cost and lower carbon footprint.

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Solution and Benefits

We help implement renewable energy, energy storage or electrical vehicle charging and manage your new energy mix to optimize cost and carbon footprint.

> Decentralized energy system that is green, reliable, resilient and efficient
> Reduced carbon footprint
> Optimized energy costs

Efficient Utilities

Assess utilities performance and implement tools supporting continuous improvement measures.

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Solution and Benefits

We provide products, solutions and services to improve your utilities efficiency (cold, steam, air and water production and recycling).

> Energy savings from 10 to up to 40%
> Typical return on investment: few months to 3 years
> Reduction maintenance costs

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IT Infrastructure management

Provide self contained and secure computing environment for your on-premise applications.

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Solution and Benefits

Our micro datacenter provides self contained, secure computing environments that include all the storage, processing and networking required to run your applications.

> Ready to use solutions: simplified configuration and easy maintenance
> Flelxible and ease-of-use for fast deployment
> Provide high levels of security
> Standardize to develop economies of scale
> Optimize cost

Smart Building

Provide the best conditions for your manufacturing operations.

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Solution and Benefits

Make your buildings smarter, more efficient and more convenient for food and beverage production in the best conditions.

> Simplify day-to-day building management operations.
> Improve efficiency by simplifying security management.
> Make decisions faster by connecting people to consolidated data.
> Provide best-in-class building visualization & control, from anywhere, at anytime.
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