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Discover hospitals of the future

Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges for healthcare. Hospitals must continue to provide essential care while ensuring that patients and staff are protected. Moving forward, a new wave of hospitals is emerging and the way healthcare is delivered is changing. At our recent Innovation Summit World Tour, we explored this and more.
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Isolated power solutions for operating rooms

Engineered for patient safety, power availability, and efficiency of medical personnel, the Isolated Power Solution for Operating Rooms provides essential, timely, and secure information about electrical system status and diagnostics to key staff, either on-site or remotely.
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Explore our IoT solutions for healthcare

One of healthcare’s most extraordinary feats is keeping people safe and campuses secure. That’s why we provide reliable, IoT-enabled infrastructure and smarts systems that make power and powerful technologies continuously available throughout the continuum of care.

With a resilient power supply, we can maximize uptime and create steady access to integrated patient data and clinical monitoring systems – all without downtime or data loss – so patients are cared for safely.

Healthcare facilities like Nemours Children’s Hospital rely on IoT solutions from Schneider Electric for a full-proof power management solution. 

Because in healthcare, there’s no time for downtime.

Delivering resilient power solutions

  • Facility managers in healthcare buildings face a daunting task – keeping operations running smoothly at maximum capacity, or at low occupancy rates – while maintaining the safety of their staff. The challenge is to continuously adapt to new obstacles, changing business priorities, reduced facility staff, and lower operating budgets. With a digitized power and building management system, there are tools to increase remote service capabilities, help control costs, and maintain operations when resources are low.
  • Power availability is the most foundational aspect of facility operations and critical a hospital’s ability to achieve its mission. Maintaining high quality, clean power is vital for ensuring sensitive healthcare equipment always performs properly. Patient safety and business continuity depend on it – 24/7. Supplying safe power to life-saving equipment is paramount.
  • With an ever-aging demographic, hospital infrastructure is under increasing pressure while facing the challenge of having to provide better quality of care. The IoT revolution can help to improve the reliability and comfort of the hospital’s electrical and environmental systems, while making them more efficient, helping to control costs. While there are potential cybersecurity risks associated with digital IoT systems, the benefits largely outweigh them. It is still imperative for a hospital to manage an IoT cybersecurity program to ensure their devices and infrastructure are cybersecure and protected.
  • With different enforcement agencies applying a variety of regulations and guidelines, healthcare compliance is extremely complex. Nonetheless, compliance regulations protect patients and hospital staff. They help mitigate the risk of unsafe buildings, caused by poor design, layout, maintenance or operations.
  • Facilities teams must maintain extraordinary operations, so their clinical teams can continuously deliver extraordinary care, every day. But a reactive approach to asset performance management exposes hospitals and clinicians to critical risks and uncertainty. Digitization drives real-time, data-driven decisions through predictive analytics and while proactive maintenance optimizes asset availability and performance, keeping your operations more productive and profitable. Because in healthcare, prevention surely is good medicine.

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Discover our software and services for Healthcare


EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor


EcoStruxure Building Advisor

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor


EcoStruxure IT Advisor





Protect your facility

Cyberattacks cost the healthcare industry billions annually and reported attacks on health systems have risen alarmingly during the pandemic crisis. Learn how you can protect your devices and infrastructure with IoT-enabled solutions.

Reducing infectious disease

Strides in the development of smart building operation management platforms can give healthcare providers a powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of their infection control programs.

Explore our latest insights on IoT in Healthcare

Discover Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare

Listen to Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare, our new podcast series and learn more about challenges, trends, and solutions supporting the healthcare industry.

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Our EcoXpert partners are certified in our EcoStruxure solutions to deliver better-performing buildings.
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