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    Marine & Shore Power: Services

    Wherever you are, we are there to support you throughout your installation life cycle.

Services Overview

Our comprehensive service solution will secure your peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of your installation. We provide marine services in major sea ports in France, the US and Singapore. With more than 6200 certified Field Service Representatives, we can support you upon request, in any port in the world.

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Solutions and Benefits

Why are ongoing services vital to your fleet?
To ensure you stay ahead of changing marine industry standards and trends. 

Our marine services will increase the productivity, uptime and safety of your fleet while keeping equipment up to date and extending its lifespan. You'll cut costs and increase savings for improved ROI.

Plus, you'll meet growing pressure to reduce emissions and pollution by addressing marine certification bodies' growing power to stop ships for security or electrical availability issues.

> Prepare for the increasing impact of digital technologies
> Avoid 77% of electrical equipment failures (through improved maintenance)
> Avoid the 17% of electrical failures that occur due to poorly performed services
> Avoid the 22% of fires that are due to electrical equipment failure (which is the leading cause of fire in the industry)
> Extend your vessel's lifetime from 25 to 35 years


The engineering phase of a vessel project can pose significant challenges for your business. Whether you want to renovate, convert a complete ship or invest in new construction, our experts can help you plan, define and design the right solutions — and make the right technical choices for your investment.

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Solutions and Benefits

Offering engineering expertise for enhanced design, safety, and network power quality. Let us provide architectural plans, equipment sizing, EMC studies and software that complies with safety level requirement (SIL4) reliability studies, harmonic studies, electrical network calculation (Icc, selectivity), load flow, static and dynamic studies. 

Benefit from smarter, safer, and more reliable solutions for MV to LV electrical distribution, automation systems, machinery protection and control, more secure and higher quality power.

> Enhanced reliability and availability of ship processes
> Reduced investment costs, thanks to optimized power equipment sizing
> Reduced operating costs through optimized energy consumption
> Improved compliance with international standards, related codes and constraints


Secure your operating revenues from day one and reduce the risk of construction delays and premature failures with Schneider Electric Field Services experts. Start operating on time with a reliable installation. We help you install efficient, reliable and safe solutions on board.

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Solutions and Benefits

Our comprehensive installation services help you realize savings with overall project execution management. Benefits from on-board installation supervision and on-board testing and commissioning. Complete solutions include software installation and setup.

> Reduced risk of delays
> Reduced risk of premature failures
> Reliable installation performance
> On-board recommendations for setup, operation and maintenance
> Traceability of our interventions


Operate your vessel with peace of mind. We help you maximize uptime and performance, with expenditure control.

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Solutions and Benefits

We offer planned maintenance to avoid costly failures before they happen, including time-based diagnostic and corrective maintenance and on-board troubleshooting. You are covered by remote technical support from experts with easy access to spare parts supplied worldwide. 

Receive service plans and agreements via recurring contracts, and provide your crew with training on basic operation and maintenance.

> Software updates and support
> Worldwide access, wherever your ship is located
> Cost savings with reduced downtime and restart times
> Improved installation safety, availability, reliability and quality
> Expert recommendations
> Installed base registration and monitoring by Schneider Electric and partners, using our dedicated service registration tool (IBSuite)


We provide solutions that lower the energy consumption of your pumps, fans or motors, and recommendations to improve safety and reliability of your ship’s electrical network.

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Solutions and Benefits

Improve energy efficiency with solutions for pump, fan and motor applications. Save on energy consumption with accurate power monitoring meters. Boost power quality with active filters that mitigate harmonic currents. Use our risk management program to perform an MP4 electrical network assessment for improved performance.

> Quick ROI: up to 2 years
> Reduced operating costs and optimized investments
> Reduced risk of blackouts
> Tailored solutions with access to highly qualified experts
> Safety improved for your crew > Reduced CO2 emission


Is your risk of downtime increasing as some of your devices become obsolete? Do you have difficulties finding suitable spare parts to maintain your equipment? Schneider Electric provides cost-effective solutions to upgrade your installed base.

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Solutions and Benefits

Our ECOFIT™ solutions will retrofit obsolete MV or LV circuit breakers and protection relays with substitution kits and new range devices from Schneider Electric or any other brand. We offer cost effective switchboard enhancement compliant with the latest regulations and technology, as well as TVDA (Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures) retrofit orders. Whatever your renewal need, we have upgrades for shore connection, automation system (AMS, PMS), power control (VSD), and power quality (Active Filters).

> Switchboard updates extend lifetime by more than 50%
> Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
> Enhanced availability and operational reliability
> Reduced investment with power equipment sizing optimization thanks to engineering expertise (study, architecture, design, equipment sizing)
> Tailored solutions with access to highly qualified experts
> Compliance with evolving international standards, codes and constraints
> Improved safety for your crew

Condition Based Maintenance with Digitized Services

Crews are increasingly struggling to secure their critical onboard processes, as a failure of their electrical distribution system could lead to major disruptions. Whether it is for ensuring crew safety, energy availability, or equipment reliability, the electrical distribution system is key.

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Solutions and Benefits

The EcoStruxure™ architecture and solutions transform data into benefits. From anywhere in the world, your ship is connected to our platform and experts from Service Bureau Team. Thanks to EcoStruxure Asset Advisor platform, we leverage key data from your critical electrical equipment on board to provide actionable recommendations. 

We pro-actively send you notifications for information and recommendations for action (work orders). We support you remotely during operations or we manage the onboard intervention of our field service engineers worldwide. 

We provide reports in three categories, including an automated report of raw data executed by our platform, event reports of corrective or preventive actions, and periodic summary reports assessing condition and tips for optimization.

Reduce downtime costs:
> Reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime
> Reduce unscheduled downtime duration 

Reduce repair costs vs reactive maintenance:
> Reduce time to repair thanks to anticipated remote diagnosis
> Reduce the number of device breakdowns/replacements
> Reduce the quantity of corrective actions in emergency 

> Anticipate failures and parts replacement
> Preventive maintenance optimization
> Crew operation optimization
> Be compliant with Class Societies at minimized cost