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    EcoStruxure™ for Metals: Electrification and Power Management

    Integrated electrical systems from a single, trusted supplier that provides reliable performance at an optimized cost.

    + Lifecycle Services

Medium- and Low-Voltage Equipment

Safe, highly-available, and energy-efficient power distribution solutions for low- and medium-voltage electrical installations.

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Solutions & Benefits

From low-voltage and medium-voltage equipment to transformers and grid automation, we deliver complete solutions for the metals industries that cover all your power distribution needs. Our IoT-enabled power management architectures enhance connectivity, network security, real-time operational reliability, and smart analytics for peace of mind and significant financial benefits.

> Safety at any time for your personnel and installations 

> Maximize continuity of service 

> Embedded communications enable real-time analytics 

> Full power and process integration improves uptime, energy efficiency and productivity

  • HoloLens Application on Premset

    The use of augmented reality for power distribution equipment.

  • Meet the connected SM6 switchgear

    SM6 offers edge control capabilities to ensure you make the right decisions at the right time for secure uptime and operational efficiency.

    Prefabricated E-House

    Power your projects with our modular prefabricated electrical house (E-House), the integrated and smart solution that optimizes project execution, reduces CAPEX and OPEX, and lowers project risks.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    E-House is a complete power distribution substation that is custom designed and engineered to your specifications, then assembled, tested, and validated in our factory before being delivered to your site. It contains medium- and low-voltage switchgear, motor control centers, transformers, HVAC, UPS, and building management and control systems.

    > Rely on a single partner for the complete distribution solution 

    > Reduce CAPEX through optimized engineering and faster installation 

    > Reduce on-site commissioning time and costs 

    > Minimize OPEX thanks to a highly serviceable design 

    > Increase long-term uptime due to reliable design and rugged components

    Motor Control Centers and Variable Speed Drives

    Primary and secondary metals applications are heavily driven by electrical motors. Protecting and appropriately controlling these motors is a must for any operation looking for performance improvements and energy savings.

    Motor management

    Solutions & Benefits

    Our Intelligent Motor Control Centers bring the most advanced motor management functionalities in protection, metering and monitoring functions. They integrate easily into plant infrastructure and process systems through flexible architectures that are open to all major industrial networks. 

    At the core of our IMCCs are our innovative motor relays and speed drives, bringing embedded smart functionalities dedicated for energy monitoring, information management, process optimization and predictive condition-based maintenance

    > Reduces commissioning time 

    > Remote monitoring capability 

    > Reduced downtime 

    > Improves motor protection and reduces motor burn-outs 

    > Reduces unplanned downtime and maintenance costs 

    > Simplifies upgrades and minimizes their costs

    • Intelligent Motor Control Centers TeSys T Intelligent Relay

      Intelligent motor management system for measurement, control and protection.

    • Intelligent Motor Control Centers Fast Device Replacement (FDR)

      Fast Device Replacement (FDR) makes commissioning and maintenance tasks easier.

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      Energy Monitoring and Management

      Discover the unique, integrated solution that combines energy, process and production data so you can identify energy-saving opportunities in your most energy-intensive applications and achieve continuous monitoring to sustain those savings.

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      Solutions & Benefits

      Our integrated energy management solution exceeds the traditional boundaries of energy management and power operations software by combining energy, process and production data and presenting the resulting information in a way that is understandable and actionable. 

      It unites business and energy strategies across your entire enterprise while performing wide-area analysis of events and conditions.

      > Aid in achieving environmental goals 

      > Deliver real-time reporting and visibility in a production context 

      > Maximize energy savings 

      > Provide benchmarking tools to measure performance across sites 

      > Assist with manage energy in financial terms 

      > Identify energy-saving opportunities 

      > Gain unique insight into the impacts of power quality

      • Resource Advisor

        The first integrated energy and sustainability data platform for global enterprise.