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    EcoStruxure™ for Liquefied Natural Gas Production

    LNG producers strive to operate their plants with the highest level of safety (personnel, environment and assets) and reliability (uptime), while increasing operational and cost-efficiency and continuing to meet regulatory compliance.

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    Discover Lifecycle Services

    Discover how our next-generation monitoring services deliver predictive analytics to help you get the most out of your critical assets, throughout the entire lifecycle.

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    New, unmatched engineering and industrial software offer

    Schneider Electric and AVEVA combine to bring you the industry-leading portfolio of engineering and industrial software.

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    LNG Modeling and simulation

    Advanced model-based simulation software for process design, operator training, and real-time optimization.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Maximize the hydrocarbon streams by minimizing the costs of capital with three types of model-based tools for process design, real-time optimization and operator training. Enable processing of the hydrocarbon stream at the lowest possible cost, and with the upmost efficiency.

    > Ensure your pipeline control room operator has the required experience to manage normal and abnormal operational activities. Have confidence that your operations exceed regulatory compliance and best practices surrounding control room management and operator training.
    > Optimize your process using real-time process information along with current external economic information. Ensure maximum profitability and minimized energy usage.
    > Control and operations together at your fingertips. Track and visualize product movement from source to destination.
    > Reduce your energy cost and emissions associated with moving product through your pipelines. Optimize your pipeline capacity utilization and streamline schedule changes.

    LNG Energy Management and Control Systems - EMCS

    As the global specialist in energy management we offer a proven technology solution — PACiS Energy Management and Control System (EMCS). It monitors, controls and optimizes the electrical energy for the oil and gas infrastructure.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Oil and gas operations have a primary performance objective to be safe and reliable. Providing uninterrupted electrical energy management and control is essential for a maximum return on investment.

    > Increase personnel and asset safety with built-in safety features.
    > Streamline your decision-making with comprehensive data availability.
    > Boost availability through redundancy and cyber-security features.
    > Reduce costs via minimized downtime and optimized energy.
    > Seamlessly integrate the whole electrical distribution system and process control system.
    > Enjoy the benefits of a scalable and interoperable solution. 
    > Maximize energy availability with intelligent fast load shedding and restoration schemes. 
    > Rely on more than 100 years of our experience.

    Safety Systems

    Gas processing businesses want a proven safety solution that can help manage risk and hazard, avoid unscheduled downtime, and maximize process uptime. The safety system must have the capability to provide a wide variety of critical applications, including ESD, F&G, etc.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Triconex is the only safety system with the experience and track record in safety and critical control as demonstrated by its 30 years of experience, and 13,000 systems used today worldwide.

    > Reliable and secure operation.
    > Compliant with environmental and regulatory standards.
    > Protection of assets and human life.
    > Meeting and exceeding production targets through maximum process uptime.
    > Reliable and secure process safety solutions certified for marine applications.
    > Supported by the large staff of TUV Certified Functional Safety Engineers. 

    > Patented fault tolerant Triple-Modular-Redundant(TMR) controller.
    > Top market share leader in process safety.

    Process Automation

    The right process automation solution must have the tools to reduce risk of project schedule slippage, be robust enough to support a wide variety of applications, and have the right life cycle support to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    We offer a unique combination of best-in-class automation technologies, expertise and services, delivered with cutting edge tools from design, to commissioning, through product life cycle. A single vendor for the complete system brings significant benefits.

    > Lower projects risks by working with one supplier can help meet your automation needs.
    > Gain operational insight and ensure operational integrity through secure and reliable automation.
    > Future-proof philosophy to ensure the technology you invest in today won’t be obsolete tomorrow.
    > Experience - Proven on over 60 LNG trains and over 20 gas plants.
    > Solutions Strength - Greatest breadth and depth portfolio offering.
    > Patented fault-tolerant Triple-Modular-Redundant (TMR) controller.
    > Across the Enterprise - Robust foundational platform supporting integration across the automation paradigm.

    LNG and Gas Processing Instrumentation

    Foxboro Field Devices offerings are chosen for the most demanding oil and gas applications that require pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical, and valve positioner high-performance measurements..

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Foxboro Field Devices are an important choice for gas producers who want competitive advantages, lowered operating costs, and higher profits. We provide unique measurement solutions that make major differences in critical gas field applications

    > Measureable real-time results
    > Actionable information
    > Optimized production
    > Operational excellence
    > Low cost deployment and lower cost of operation
    > Easy to install and use
    > Unmatched asset lifetimes
    > Best-in-class performance
    > Superior savings and value
    > Compatibility with existing instrumentation
    > Longest warranties
    > Lowest cost of ownership

    Secure Power

    The quality and availability of electrical power is crucial for critical applications. In sensitive industrial sectors such as oil and gas, lack of electrical power can cause serious danger in process security, put human life at risk and bring downtimes.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Our uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are designed to deliver secure power in the most demanding industrial environments. Our extensive experience in various sectors enables us to develop customized UPSs with superior quality standards, coupled with a full range of services.

    > Pre-sales support, for customized solutions.
    > Full project management, from design to commissioning maintenance and training.
    > Reliability, adaptability, availability, quality and performance.
    > Experience and expertise through full system solution.
    > Consulting and long-term service approach, and in-house research and development.
    > More than 2,500 systems output capacity per year.


    Safe and reliable power distribution is critical in oil and gas operations, from onshore/offshore production to petrochemical plants. Without it, operators could see production come to a halt, personnel safety compromised, and profits significantly reduced.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    The Electrical House (E-House) integrates power and control equipment into a compact module, incorporating switchgear, motor control centers and variable speed drives, among other components. This leads to complete, intelligent building management and control solutions.

    > Up to 50% space savings.
    > Up to 30% energy savings.
    > Compliance with market standards and experienced and certified engineering teams.
    > A worldwide presence.

    Field Services

    Energy management grows in importance with each passing year. Common needs of Oil & Gas installations include optimization of capital expenditures, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing any potential downtime.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Our field services delivered by experienced professionals support your business goals throughout the asset management lifecycle:

    > Process consulting 
    > Installation assessment and modernization solutions 
    > Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) 
    > On-site start up and commissioning   

    > Service plans

    > Training and maintenance
    > Process expertise in electrical distribution reduces cost
    > Reliability and safety throughout the project life cycle
    > High system availability and budget control with complete service plans
    > Expert consulting providing maximum safety and security
    > Long term operating efficiency via modernization