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    Smart O&G Field Integrated Operations

    Smart O&G Field solutions optimize the oil field through subsurface and surface management, process improvement, and enterprise resource planning.  Schneider Electric offers multiple software-based solutions in the improvement areas that include, energy, process, assets, infrastructure, wells, supply chain, and data management.

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    New, unmatched engineering and industrial software offer

    Schneider Electric and AVEVA combine to bring you the industry-leading portfolio of engineering and industrial software.

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    The digital transformation that drives profitability

    Empower your workforce to make better operating and business decisions in real-time. Join our live webcast to learn how to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity in the O&G industry.

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    Discover Lifecycle Services

    Discover how our next-generation monitoring services deliver predictive analytics to help you get the most out of your critical assets, throughout the entire lifecycle.

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    Data Management

    O&G producers have complex and intensive data processes. To stay profitable in the face of changing trends, policies and guidelines, you must ensure proper management of these data processes so everyone has the right access to relevant information.

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    The Schneider Electric Data Management Solution is based on the Wonderware System Platform, and associated offers. Helping customers harness data and turn it into insight to improve their operations is critical to our mission.

    Using our solutions customers can overcome data overload, ensure data consistency, data quality and eliminate geographic barriers with a common data structure.

    Benefits and Differentiation

    > Data filtering from just about any data source: sensors, PLCs, modeling software
    > Assure data quality and integrity
    > Monitor and report all alarm and event conditions

    > Store all historical data
    > Enable all roles and disciplines to share and communicate across locations and geographies

    Production Management

    Optimizing upstream product requires proper balancing of short- and long-term requirements. Wonderware solutions provide operating engineers information to meet active production demand.

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    Our solutions provide reservoir engineers the analytics they need to view longer-term return on assets and preservation of the recovery of the field. They also help maintenance engineers keep facilities safe and efficient, with new capabilities for managing replacements, spare parts and downtime.

    Through the latest cloud and mobile technologies Wonderware supports all roles by reducing time and geographic barriers to collaboration.

    Benefits and Differentiation

    > Quickly bring data together for decision makers
    > Manage geographically dispersed operations
    > Anticipate problems and performance issues and warn about current problems
    > Integrate production planning and maintenance to meet schedules reliably

    > Maximize compliance with safety, production and environmental best practices and regulations
    > Operate efficiently
    > Maintain a responsive supply flow to meet demand

    Energy Management

    Schneider Electric Onshore Production Energy Management Solution is focused on field Electrical Power Distribution. With customer challenges that include deferred production, cost increase from associate to maintenance, management of outages, continued increase of energy cost, and environmental impact.

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    Our platforms provide an integrated solution to energy management ensuring optimal energy supply and distribution for efficient production.

    Our distribution management system with outage management and Resource Advisor systems are combined into a unified solution, resulting in the following customer benefits:

    Benefits and Differentiation

    > Reduce deferred production associated to ED outages and maintenance operation
    > Minimize the operation and maintenance costs of ED network
    > Better manage electrical network after outage events
    > Minimize energy costs and environmental impact

    > Energy made visible and traceable everywhere with centralized monitoring, control and power management
    > Ensured uptime of critical applications with generator mgmt and load shedding
    > Savings in OPEX and CAPEX, reduced need for spare parts through smarter use of assets

    Fixed Assets Management Solution

    Proper management of fixed assets for onshore production ensure maximized surface production asset performance, minimized downtime and controlled costs.

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    Schneider Electric Fixed Assets Management encompasses the right combination of software, mobile platforms and services.

    It addresses the challenges associated with production asset availability, scheduling challenges, on-hand resources, and spare parts management.

    Benefits and Differentiation

    > Safety and regulatory compliance
    > Optimized lifetime and minimized downtime

    > Forecasted downtime to avoid failures
    > Preventive maintenance and abnormal situation notifications

    Well Management

    Well management enables companies to create a consistent view of well data that is unified across systems and business processes, and facilitates quick access to production information in a consolidated way that is accessible to managers, petroleum engineers, and geoscientists.

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    Artificial Lift Advisor is an aggregation of different SE software platforms, with specific industry application development, addressing these key challenges:

    > Limited access to equipment status.
    > Frequent well sites intervention
    > Sporadic production field information
    > Missed opportunities to improve artificial lift design
    > Facilities constraints bottleneck production
    > Regulatory compliance

    Benefits and Differentiation

    Artificial Lift Advisor tracks every well in the field and manages operation, service, failures and production history, and optimizes the configuration to enhance well performance by interfacing the well modeling and simulation tool.

    > Resulting in CAPEX reduction associated to cloud /hosted infrastructure
    > Real-time data increases production optimization to data sharing
    > Increased personnel safety
    > Regulatory reporting efficiencies

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