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    Wastewater Networks: Automation and Control

    Tailored, tested and validated ethernet‑based automation architectures, software libraries and fully integrated process and power devices improve reliability, efficiency, and productivity.

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    Anglian Water

    Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company in England. Their pressure management system helps reduce water loss management costs and meet regulatory compliance.

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    Process Automation

    Reducing operational expenditure (OPEX) with efficient and simplified operation and maintenance of remote assets is a challenge for any wastewater network. Process automation solutions from Schneider Electric allow you to run operations more efficiently and safely, saving both energy and costs.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Our fully integrated SCADA & Telemetry solutions help you reduce energy consumption/costs by up to 30% and ensure regulatory compliance.

    > The industry’s most comprehensive, scalable offer from small to large, complex wastewater collection networks 

    > Tested, validated and documented reference architectures for typical wastewater applications 

    > Fully integrated solutions from enterprise down to field level 

    > End-to-end cybersecurity

    • Lusail City

      Our solution provides flexibility throughout the lifecycle of a storm water project

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    • Modicon M580 Connectivity

      Connect your automation for improved plant productivity with the Modicon M580 Ethernet enabled process automation controller.

      8 Reasons to choose our Telemetry Solutions

      Water resources, water & wastewater network systems are constantly challenged by emerging regulations, rapid technology change and industrial shifts in accepted best practices.

      RealStream™ Lift Station

      A fully configurable sewage lift station controller with data logging and local display for new and existing wastewater networks.

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      Solutions & Benefits

      The RealStream™ Lift Station solution brings the extensive Schneider Electric monitoring and control experience together with the proven SCADAPack™ E Smart RTU technology to address the ongoing challenges of operating wastewater networks.

      > Advanced Well Control & Maintenance
      > Reduced wear on assets including pumps, piping, and check valves
      > Increased energy efficiency
      > Reduced unplanned downtime
      > Station performance monitor and increase
      > Station standardization and simplification

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      EcoStruxure Success Stories

      • City of Houston

        The city of Houston, Texas, partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative’s (CCI) Building Retrofit Program and implemented a performance contract with Schneider Electric have proven to be the recipe for green success.

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