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    Wastewater Networks: Motor Control

    Save energy and maintain those savings while extending the life of your assets.

Motor Control

In a wastewater network, motor control is key to achieving maximum return from network assets - such as motors, pumps and pipes - over their lifecycle.

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Solution & Benefits

Implement our scalable motor control solutions to optimize control of your motors and pumps, while achieving safety, maximizing energy efficiency, providing integrated energy and asset management, allowing lower lifecycle costs and extended life of assets.

> Intelligent motor control centers for accurate motor control and access to the information in real time through distributed intelligence, while improving personnel safety 

> Full offer range of variable speed drives tailored for water applications, providing energy savings, pump asset monitoring and protection, and accurate flow or pressure control 

> MV and LV soft starter solutions, providing lower stress on motors and mechanical assets (pumps, pipes), water hammer avoidance, and power peak shaving.

  • Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives for Water Applications

    A new technology in drives incorporates many process control features to deliver the best efficiencies for water utilities throughout the world.