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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Supporting all employees

At Schneider Electric, we lead with inclusion and care. We know that equitable opportunities will positively impact our people, our company, and our world. ​


Manufacturing Team Leader

Each member of my team has unique strengths that can collectively help our group. I do my best to treat each associate with equal respect and apply different approaches to keep everyone engaged and included. As an individual, I appreciate the opportunity to work in a diverse environment where I also feel included.


Health and Safety Coordinator

The people I work with embrace and appreciate differences and like atypical profiles. Quickly, my position was very well adapted for my disability: an application generating subtitles during calls, transparent masks, and written transcriptions of meetings with a human platform and a tablet.


Veteran Affair Leader

Schneider provides access to a comprehensive health and wellness platform that drives daily well-being through healthy habits, well-being training, voluntary participation in an annual health evaluation, flu shots, health coaching, and other activities supporting employee health and wellness.


Corporate Strategy Director

I changed cities five times, and I consider that somehow I’ve changed companies five times. Each time, being in a very different environment, culture, and language, I get a completely new experience and that fresh, exciting anticipation of the unknown.

Embracing innovation and diversity

Charlandra shares her experience: "The employees here are very diverse and not just diverse in ethnicity but also in their experiences. When you take different experiences, that's how we can come up with different creative solutions for our customers.“

Our commitment to gender equity and inclusion of all

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman of Schneider Electric, shares what gender equity means to him and the companies commitments which began with the HeForShe IMPACT 10X10X10 Champion commitments and are now integrated into the Schneider Sustainability Index.

Care at the centre of everything we do

Equal pay favours equal opportunities

Rewarding our employees fairly and equitably for the skillset they possess is a business imperative, as well as valuing their contribution.

Promoting LGBT+ inclusion

As a global company, Schneider Electric is proud to stand up for equal rights and fair treatment for everyone, everywhere. By supporting the UN Free & Equal standards, we commit to fostering a culture of respect and equality for the LGBT+ community.
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Inclusive and accessible solutions for all

Disability inclusion starts with promoting respect and understanding, and it requires building awareness and educating all our employees on why accessibility matters. Beyond awareness, we are also taking concrete action and looking at disability inclusion holistically.
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UN Generation Equality Forum
Valuable 500
World Economic Forum - new work standards
Business for Inclusive Growth
Free and Equal
Women’s Empowerment Principles
International Labour Organisation – Global Business and Disability Network
Top Women Badge 2023

Global recognitions for our efforts


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How do inclusion and care by design create a positive impact on our people, our company, and our society and contribute to sustainable development? 


Schneider Electric aims for inclusion and care by design to ensure safe and inclusive work environments and business decisions that make sustainability a global and local reality. As one of the world’s most diverse, inclusive, and equitable companies, Schneider Electric believes in fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and well-being for its workforce internally and providing energy access to all externally to tackle climate change. We believe in DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) commitments and focus on gender balance with initiatives like HeForShe Campaign for women to hire and train them for leadership and frontline management roles. We lead the way by combatting the gender compensation gap and unconscious bias and by boosting inclusive and flexible-working policies, making life and career development for our people easier. We forge partnerships with organisations that prioritise inclusion and care to help drive change in the work standards for all stakeholders. Ours is a people company that embraces differences and builds an inclusive culture of respect where everyone is equal, unique, and safe to be at their best. We are committed to disability inclusion and making our workplaces and premises accessible to all by applying universal design principles when designing new sites and taking adaptation measures where possible in our existing ones. Schneider Electric intends to improve the lives of people everywhere in the world by developing sustainable energy solutions and extending its support to an inclusive culture and equal opportunities at work. We believe that all forms of diversity bring real value to the company, as diverse genders, ethnicities, and experiences can bring creative and innovative outcomes.