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  • Easy9 circuit protection range guards consumers and adds style

Easy9 circuit protection range guards consumers and adds style

  • Range offers miniature circuit breakers, residual current devices, switch disconnectors, surge protection devices and comb busbars 
  • Compliant to relevant SANS standards.
  • Easy to install

Johannesburg South Africa, Tuesday, 07 November 2017 - Schneider Electric offers installers, Easy9, a stylish, practical and affordable range of circuit protection range that adds value to the homeowner or small office user, through safety and style features.

As homeowners and small offices add more electrical gadgets to their systems, the loads become higher and, when added to the lightning strikes, electrical surges and load shedding experienced in South Africa, can represent a fire and safety hazard.

Circuit protection is therefore vital, safeguarding consumers against surge, short circuits, electric shocks and overloads. Schneider Electric has created a range that offers installers high quality and long-lasting protection, while its user-friendly design, availability and affordability is what makes it attractive to the homeowner.

“Thanks to technology, today’s lifestyle is quickly evolving. Customers’ comfort, leisure, safety and home business are completely dependent on electronics. This technology driven lifestyle is however at risk due to nature and the severe threat of lightning. For example, in the event of a strike somewhere close to the supply lines, voltage rises from 230 to several thousands of volts. In a few microseconds, electronic components can be destroyed and all precious appliances damaged and left out of order,” explains James Calmeyer, VP Building Business Unit, at Schneider Electric South Africa.

“Just one Easy9 surge arrester however – located in the distribution switchboard, coupled with surge protection at the plug outlet – will protect equipment in the home from overvoltage caused by lightning. If installed correctly and by an accredited person, the surge arrester damps the spike, so that the voltage never reaches a level damageable for the electronics.”

The Easy9 range includes switch-disconnectors, surge protection, earth leakage protection, as well as a full range of C curve miniature circuit breakers. In addition, its curved edges add to the elegance of a home or office.

A leader in switchgear technologies since the 1920s, Schneider Electric has engineered Easy9 to be affordable without compromising on safety and reliability. All Easy9 products are manufactured in ISO 9000-certified plants belonging to Schneider Electric and are approved by independent authorities as compliant with local electrical safety standards. It has found its place in homes, industry, hospitals, airports and small offices.

“It answers electricians’ need to have access to robust products that are widely available and will help them to complete their installations swiftly and professionally, with consistent design and connection features. It is a high-end device available at a mid-range price.

“We work closely with electricians worldwide to help bring safe electricity to homes and buildings around the globe. With Easy9 electricians can take pride in delivering the enhanced safety and peace of mind their customers deserve. An advantage too is that it is a high-end device available at a mid-range price,” concludes Calmeyer.

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