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  • ADMS instrumental in utility operations unifying OT/IT

ADMS instrumental in utility operations unifying OT/IT

  • Improving outage response
  • Optimise grid operations
  • Manage DER impacts

Johannesburg South Africa, 23 December 2018 – Schneider Electric believes that its Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) will become the pervasive platform for utilities to manage reliable, safe and efficient operations of power grids. ADMS will facilitate management of end-to-end processes in and around the control room and will be instrumental in the process of IT/OT transformation.

“Increasing energy demands has led network operators to search for an efficient operational platform, gathering all applications and solutions in one integrated platform, model and user interface. It needs integrated sophisticated software products, which may unify operation technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) in the single platform and Schneider Electric believes that ADMS is the best solution,” explains Taru Madangombe, Vice President of Energy in Southern Africa for Schneider Electric.

The ADMS is a modern and comprehensive solution for electrical network management, control, monitoring, analysis, optimisation, planning, simulations and training, applicable on all voltage levels from low voltage up to the transmission. It is a fully integrated smart control system for utilities, integrating six modules into a single platform for a seamless operation of power systems:

  1. Remote control and dynamic network monitoring and management (SCADA)
  2. Advanced mathematical model, simulations, analysis, optimisation and planning of distribution network (DMS)
  3. Advanced mathematical model, simulations, analysis, optimisation and planning of transmission network (EMS)
  4. Comprehensive workflow of unplanned and planned outages (OMS)
  5. Control and management of generation units (PCS)
  6. Distribution Energy Resource Management (DERMS)

“The ADMS integrated solution provides many advantages – it has one unified IT platform; user interface, database, network model; one place for all system configuration and administration and one maintenance procedure and process,” continues Madangombe.

“ADMS scales to cover the smallest to largest networks with high performance. It is built on top of secure operating system and middleware, with encryption of all traffic and secure authentication, based on Microsoft Active Directory and Kerberos protocol. It has been deployed in over in over 80 utilities worldwide.

“In the coming years, industry will move from traditional on premise installations, managed by utilities themselves to on or off premise installations managed by third party and in the longer run full cloud solutions.

“ADMS will be the owner (not necessarily the source) of the comprehensive network model and its assets, publishing and receiving data from the external systems, such as weather services, regulators, social media, warehouses, energy market. With the advent of pervasive DERs (Distribution generation, Energy storage, Renewables/microgrids) and consumption layers (intelligent homes, intelligent buildings, demand response programmes, customer care systems), ADMS will become instrumental and necessary in the day-to-day operations of a utility.

“Acquisition of real time data will enable real time situational awareness to control room operators, field crews as well as other users in the utility enterprise. Finally, ADMS solutions will gradually incorporate analytics, machine-learning capabilities that will augment traditional algorithms used for simulation and planning as well as online optimisation algorithms,” concludes Madangombe.

For the seventh year in a row, Schneider Electric has been positioned) by Gartner Inc as an ADMS leader. In the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, Schneider Electric continues its leadership position, furthest right for completeness of vision and highest over in ability to execute. Additionally, in Gartner’s report for Critical Capabilities for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, Schneider achieved the highest product scores for all three use cases: including improving outage response, optimising grid operation and managing DER impacts.

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