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How to find out how much memory was used by a SoMachine project?

Memory usage for a SoMachine project
The customer wants to know how much memory was used by a SoMachine project
Product Line
M241, M251, M258, LMC058, M238, XBTGC, HMISCU, XBTGT with control
SoMachine 4.1

The memory usage is displayed when, in SoMachine you go under the Logic Builder / Build /Generate code. The values will be displayed in "Message" filed

The meaning of the memory area  is:

 0 = %MW
 1= %I
 3= Retain Data
 4= Application size + local variables
 5 = Persistent variables

Highest used address = available size in bytes (used or not)
Largest contiguous gap = Free available size in bytes

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