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How can we communicate the status of the cradle (connected, test, disconnected) of a Masterpact ACB?

If the customer has a need to communicate the status of the cradle (connected, test, disconnected), two options are available: 

1. Either to install the Cradle Communication Module (CCM module P/N 33852) which is becoming an outdated solution by time.. For your information, the BCM ULP is set in 2W configuration since July 2014. The CCM will communicate in Modbus protocol. 

2. Or to install a I/O module (with CCM predefined position set), which is considered as the updated solution. The I/O communication module (P/N LV434063) communicate in ULP protocol. The I/O module requires then an IFM (Conversion from ULP protocol to Modbus protocol) or IFE interface (Conversion from ULP protocol to Ethernet protocol) to communicate the data (from device and chassis) to the supervisor. 

Note: P/N 33852 is a compound commercial reference which includes P/N 33110 and also P/N 33171. The 33171 is the set of CE/CD/CT low level contacts which are usually needed by customers. So if customer do not need P/N 33171, customer can directly order only P/N 33110. You won't find a datasheet for P/N 33110 because it is intended to be sold as a constituent of P/N 33852.
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