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Difference between P/N TRV00910 and P/Ns 33594

1. P/N TRV00910 is a Maintenance Kit dedicated to the Compact NSX MCCBs and their trip units while P/Ns 33594/5 are Hand-Held/Full-Function Test Kits dedicated to Masterpact ACBs (and their trip units) respectively.
2. P/N 33594/5 uses a dedicated tool named FFTK Test Report Generator which can be acquired by ordering P/N 34559 while P/N TRV00910 works in association with the LTU & RSU utilities softwares and can used with Ecoreach software as well. All 3 softwares can be downloaded for free from our global website.
3. Please find attached extracts from the catalogues of Masterpact ACBs and Compact NSX MCCBs (refer to Extract - Compact NSX Catalogue.pdf and Extract - Masterpact Catalogue.pdf) mentioning more details about the inquired about products and their use.
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