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What are the recommended maintenance activities for MCset 24kV? Does this differ according to installation environment?

Preventive maintenance activities/checks for Mcset cubicles can be summarized as below according to the nature of the cubicle part to be maintained.
It is good to know that the frequency of maintenance depends on the installation environment (standard, corrosive or marine (naval)). 

Control mechanisms:
- Dust removal
- Cleaning - Degreasing
- Lubrication
- Operation

Vents and insulating materials:
- Dust removal

Power circuits: 
  • Sliding connections (rack in): cleaning & greasing
  • Fixed connections (connection by lugs or busbars): if not installed by Schneider Electric, regularly check of heating points, removal of connection, polishing of contact parts and reassembly with tightening check

Auxiliary circuits (Low voltage circuits): 
  • Auxiliary wiring: Visual check & replacement when needed
  • Signaling contacts: Continuity checks for each position/state
  • Protection relay: tripping chain check & intervention times check according to fault current levels
Attached the maintenance guide for MCset 24kV for full information on detailed list of activities and recommended frequency.
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