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Getting error E7854 on LXM32M with eSM safety module

Getting error E7854 on LXM32M + ESM module

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It's not possible to increase the delay of 36 hours. This is a necessary feature for certification  to reach the safety integrity level (SIL3 and performance level e).
To reset the fault, It's not enough to switch the drives to state rdy because the eSM module has a separate state machine (eSM_state, Mb19500).
Starting the eSM module puts it in operation enable (state 6) and it  counts the standstill time.
With object eSM disable (Mb 19508), you can switch off the eSM  (to RDY state 4) so that there's no more motor movement monitoring.
With a new eSM-Start the monitoring is reset to 36h.
Another possibility is to do a fault reset when E7854 occurs because E7854 is a class 2 error.
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