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Explanation of error E7875 on LXM32 drive with eSM module

Error E7875 on the LXM32 drive with the eSM safety module

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Error E7875 is generated when error E7804 have been triggered 5 times. 
E7875 is a class 4 error and it requires a power cycle to clear it. 
E7804 means a deceleration of type QuickStop did not respect the ramp monitored by eSM_dec_Qstop. E7804 is a class 3 error and can be easily reset. 

In case a safety barrier has been crossed, and was linked to inputs ESTOP_A/B, the system immediately signals an eStop error E780A and generates a QuickStop. 
The drive decelerates following the ramp configured in RAMPquickstop and simultaneously, the eSM module monitors if the deceleration is at least as fast as the value of parameter eSM_dec_Qstop
If this is not the case, the eSM module generates the 1st error E7804. After 5 E7804, the eSM module generates error E7875.

--> Increase the deceleration ramp during eStops.
--> Add a braking resistor if necessary.
--> Reduce the load or the load inertia if possible.
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