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What is the "CNOMO" in Compact NS630b~1600 MCCBs and what is P/N 33870 composed of?

CNOMO (Comité de NOrmalisation des MOyens de production) is an association to promote the standardization of manufacturing process to improve the performance of production equipment. The CNOMO accessory is an accessory used to transform the standard direct rotary handle into a handle suitable for machine-tool control (with higher degree of protection "IP"). For an illustration for this increased degree of protection, please check the attached catalogue page "Rotary handles for NS MCCB.pdf". 

To see how the CNOMO accessory for the NS800 MCCB looks like, please check the following attached document: "CNOMO plate for NS800.pdf" 

If you are still having doubts on how the CNOMO is used, please check the following attached document: "CNOMO instruction notice.pdf". Although this document is concerned by the smaller NSX range not by the NS range that you requested, however, you can use this document to build a general understanding about how the CNOMO accessory can be used. 

One last thing, please note that the CNOMO is not compatible with the keylock locking and you can only use the padlock locking with it as illustrated in the attached page (refer to CNOMO locking.pdf)

As for P/N 33870, internally, it consists of 2 P/Ns: 

1. 33868 (which is a keylock adapter for the rotary handle without the Ronis Keylock) 
2. 41940 (which is a Ronis Keylock without a keylock adapter) 

And for interlocking 2 NS800 MCCBs (for example), you'll need to order Qty 1 of P/N 33870 for each breaker. 
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