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Can the EasyCan capacitor range (formerly VarplusCan SDuty) be mounted horizontally? If not, why?

It is recommended to mount EasyCan capacitors only in upright position. In EasyCan capacitors, we use a resin which is liquid in nature. Capacitors are hermetically sealed units. So resin will not leak out even if the capacitor is kept in horizontal position (as is the case during storage).

Reason for upright mounting for EasyCan capacitor is that capacitor has a disconnecting mechanism called as Pressure sensitive disconnecting mechanism. This mechanism acts & disconnects capacitor elements inside the can, if pressure inside capacitor increase beyond a certain value. This will prevent exploding of can.Pressure inside capacitor can will rise in case of fault inside the capacitor, or during the end of life. If capacitor is mounted in horizontal position during service, the liquid resin inside the capacitor will affect the performance of this disconnecting mechanism by entering into this mechanism.  Hence mounting in vertical position is required for EasyCan.

In case of VarPlus Can the resin used is different than the resin used in EasyCan. It's solid & hence it can be mounted in Vertical as well as horizontal position.
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