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Can I increase the number of open windows allowed in Unity Pro beyond 6?

Yes. You can use the following script:
  • Unity  Pro limits the number of simultaneous opened editors to 15 for the first session & 6 for subsequent sessions.  This limitation is set by a Windows parameter & can be removed by modifying the registry as indicated below:
  •  From the Registry editor::
           Control\Session Manager\SubSystems
-        In the right screen, double click on the ‘Windows’ name to open the string modification window.
-        Find the SharedSection string in the data value. This parameter specifies the system & desktop heaps using the following format:
           The values are specified in kilobytes.
-      The second SharedSection value (YYYY) controls the size of the desktop heap (used for windows objects).
        If on your machine, YYYY is < 8192 then set YYYY to 8192.
Under Windows XP & some Windows Vista machine, this value is by default 3072.     System must be restarted.

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