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Available Shortcuts within ION Setup

Looking for a list of available shortcuts within ION Setup v3.0.

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup

Completion of tasks and troubleshooting within ION Setup in a more efficent manner.


Mouse over select module manager
Show module count and max number of modules allowed.

Ctrl+Mouse over selected module manager
Show module manager handle

Mouse over selected module
Show module name (as opposed to module label)

Ctrl+Mouse over selected module
Show module handle

Ctrl+Right click on module or module manager
Show menu of applicable ION methods

Shift+Click on module's Output Register
Show output register value. To manually edit the output register value, click on the list item that appears and enter a new value.

Right click > Ctrl+Insert Module
Show menu to select an arbitrary list of modules to be created. Useful when you what to create a module with the highest possible module number.

Upgrade FW only, without pasting a template.

Upgrade with additional debugging enabled. Not sure what this is, probably additional info on the .log files in the ION Setup folder.

Prompt to disable template checking.

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