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What is ProClima and how can I use it?


ProClima is a program used to calculate the temperature inside the Universal Enclosure based on a group of points; for example: 
  1. Humidity conditions and ambient temperature surrounding the enclosure 
  2. Thermal power dissipated by operational components inside the enclosure 
  3. Enclosure dimensions 
  4. Enclosure material 
  5. Enclosure installation conditions 

After the temperature inside the enclosure is calculated, it recommends a certain air flow (achieved using fans, cooling units, air-air/water exchangers...etc) inside the enclosure to ensure a safe optimum operation. 

Guide through software: 

1. You can download the software and related documents from our Global website through the following link : 

2. For assistance on how to use the software (ProClima 7.1.3), please refer to the following illustrative video tutorial:
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