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Connecting ViewX client to a system with multiple nodes in Geo SCADA

Published date: 10 November 2020

ViewX is able to connect to up to 4 nodes within a redundant system. This setting can be found in Configure Connections as per the screenshot below.

ViewX  makes use of the Node order and Node Cost to select the server to connect to. By default, Node Cost for all nodes is set to 6. More information about Nodes and Node Cost can be found in Geo SCADA Help in System Administration > Client Administration > ViewX Client - System Connections > Create a New ViewX Client - System Connection > Define the Node Name for a Client - System Connection.

If Node Cost is the same for all nodes, ViewX connects to the first available node in the alphabetical order (Node A > Node B > Node C > Node D). For example, ViewX tries to connect to Node A first. If Node A is not available or offline, ViewX tries Node B and so on until if finds the available node. In a redundant system, it is often recommended to connect ViewX clients to either the standby or the permanent standby machines first to divert additional client load away from the main server. In case of a hot-standby system, the standby server should be configured for Node A and the main server for Node B if Node Cost is kept the same.

Aside from the alphabetical order of the nodes, ViewX connection preference can be controlled by Node Cost. ViewX always tries to connect to the node with the lowest Node Cost regardless of the alphabetical order of the node. For example, if the main server in a hot-standby system is configured as Node A with Node Cost = 6 and the standby server is configured as Node B with Node Cost = 5, ViewX first tries to connect to Node B because of its lower Node Cost. If Node B is not available, ViewX tries to establish a connection with Node A. 

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