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    Acti 9 iRT, iRBN, iRLI, iRC

    Relays for final distribution switchboards

    Tiime delay, inversion, threshold values, analog signal levels

    Acti 9 iRT,  iRBN,  iRLI,  iRC
    • Features

      Time delay relays :

      • Acti 9 iRTA : Delays energizing of a load
      • Acti 9 iRTB : Delays de-energizing of a load upon contact closing
      • Acti 9 iRTC : Delays de-energizing of a load upon contact opening
      • Acti 9 iRTH : Delays de-energizing of a load
      • Acti 9 iRTL : Repeated energizing and de-energizing of a load (flasher)
      • Acti 9 iRTMF : Performs ether of iRTA, iRTB, iRTC, iRTH functions

      Interface relays

      • Acti 9 iRBN : LV input, low-level output
      • Acti 9 iRTBT : low-level input, LV output

      Control relays

      • Acti 9 iRCI : current threshold
      • Acti 9 iRCU : voltage threshold
      • Acti 9 iRCP : phase threshold (motor monitoring)
      • Acti 9 iRCC : detection of power cuts and voltage dips (compressor monitoring)

      Changeover relay : Acti 9 iRLI

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      The efficiency you deserve
      Acti 9 is a DIN rail switchgear system that combines efficiency with safety to ensure maximum safety for you, your customers and their installations.
      Acti 9 is packed full of innovations. Acti 9benefits from Schneider Electric's more than 40 years experience.
      Acti 9 covers all applications, especially polluted environments and networks with absolute safety and improved continuity of service.
      Acti 9 is easy to choose, thanks to its meaningful part numbers.
      Acti 9 is easy to install and environmentally friendly. Its components are 100% recyclable and recoverable.


      • iRCC
      • iRCP
      • iRLI
      • iRTBT
      • iRTA