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    Addressable luminaires, exit signs and conversion kits

    Exiway One, Exiway Plus, Exiway Class, Astro Guida, Quick Signal, Esy, Lys, Evx Ferro, Evx Power

    Simplicity, cost reduction, safety, energy efficiency and design

    Addressable luminaires, exit signs and conversion kits
    • Features

      Self-contained escape route & anti-panic, exit sign and conversion kit emergency lighting products provide light and guide to the exits when power falls. This prevents people remaining in the darkness, and thus averts panic. It also ensures that obstacles are visible, and that fire safety alarms and equipment are easily identifiable. The addressable version of these devices strongly helps to reduce maintenance costs, and help to easy get the highest safety level in buildings.

      A wealth of possibilities
      Each range has all the accessories and spare parts to make installation and maintenance operations easy.
      "Running man" stickers and exit sign accessories can be added to show the exit. Each product includes a battery.


      Their simple design ensures quick assembly and easy maintenance
      The address bus consists of a simple pair of wires. The luminaires are protected against connection errors: mains, bus and polarity

      Cost reduction
      The addressable system is strongly recommended for easier maintenance, reducing time and costs. The failing product, light source or battery is automatically known with its address

      Automatically actuated in the event of power cuts, these fittings offer a level of light sufficient to avert panic, help evacuation and show the exits
      They comply with European standards EN 60 598-1 & EN 60 598-2-22 (and EN 61 347-2-7 for the conversion kits) and offer a high level of quality and safety meeting the various regulations in force

      Energy efficiency
      Thanks to the use of LEDs in stand-by periods, escape route & exit signs devices offer extremely low electricity consumption, thus contributing to overall building energy savings

      The ranges and their accessories are designed to blend perfectly into the aesthetics of various types of buildings, whether they be flush-mounted, in the false ceiling or surface-mounted 


      Ranges dedicated to all public premises: tertiary and industrial buildings, hotels, offices, schools, malls, airports, shops, etc
      These light fittings are mainly dedicated to both medium and large installations 


      • Lys
      • Exiway One 24 W
      • Excellent visibility
      • Quick Signal
      • Exiway Class LED
      • Nice finishing when recessed
      • Address thumbwheels
      • Exiway Plus 6 W Fresnel
      • Addressable means easy maintenance
      • Astro Guida
      • Exiway Plus 6 W Opaline
      • Esy
      • Addressable conversion kits
      • Complete emergency lighting offer for any type of installations - Anti panic